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About the SwTech.com website [Keep up to date]

Software Technologies - Developer Information

This site provides direct access to technical information for professional software developers.

It aims to be a one-stop reference for ALL developers, and tries to have links to all the information you need to do your job.

It covers detailed technical information on: Design Patterns, Transaction Processing, Databases, CORBA, XML, Java, C++, Server-side and Client-side development technology.

It is maintained as a FREE service to the Internet community by Software Technologies Ltd. in the U.K. - We use it constantly during our day-to-day Java and Internet consultancy and product development work, so we know the sort of technical information real professional software developers need to succeed.

Under Construction!

The site is constantly being updated and added to - frequently on a daily basis.
This means that like all real Internet web site, this site is continuously "Under Construction", and it's growth can get a little chaotic at times! Smiley
Our efforts are primarily focused on meeting the requirements of our paying clients, and as a result sometimes this web site gets pushed into second place until we can get back round to doing a bit of maintenance on it! Please bear with us if occasionally the information on the site is not so easy to find - we do TRY to be both User-Friendly and Bandwidth-Friendly, and we are constantly working on improvements, but unfortunately paying the grocery bills comes first!


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There are a number of easy ways to keep up to date with what's happening in the world of enterprise software development, and at the SwTech.com web site - and all of them are FREE!

About Software Technologies Ltd.

Sun Internet Associate
Sun Internet Associate

Software Technologies Ltd.
is a U.K.-based Java & Internet consultancy and software development firm.

We design and develop custom web-based front-ends for business information systems using Java, CORBA, XML, EJB, HTML, CGI, Javascript, and the other rapidly emerging Internet Technologies.

We believe in "Bandwidth-Friendly"™ websites for pleasant online viewing.

Contact us for further information :
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Microsoft Developer Network

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