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Software Configuration Management : Configuration Management Books

Some of the major books about the configuration management of software.

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^Software Configuration Management

* Book: Managing Projects With Make
A good introduction to the facilities available in the make program, and how to apply them to complex configuration management tasks such as recursive builds.
Also compares the various features in the different versions of the make program on different systems.
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* Book: Software Portability with imake
A very good introduction to the problems of cross-platform portability, and how these can be managed using the imake program that works on top of make. Also shows how imake can be used for builds on a single platform to allow the build rules and requirements to be specified in much more "high-level" terms and then using imake to generate the Makefile automatically to avoid mistakes.
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* Book: Applying Rcs and Sccs : From Source Control to Project Control
A good introduction to the general problems of complex configuration management requirements, including multi-developer and multi-release situations, and how additonal levels of control need to be built on top of SCCS or RCS to handle these situations.
Describes how the freely available TCCS system implements this.
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