- IDL - Interface Definition Language

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CORBA : IDL - Interface Definition Language

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>CORBA Architecture

* Java IDL
Sun's Java IDL implements the OMG Interface Definition Language specification, as a language-neutral way to specify an interface between an object and its client on a different platform. A key part of CORBA programs, and included in the core API libraries in Java version 1.2
* OMG IDL Text Files
The OMG has made available the compiled CORBA, CORBAservices, and CORBA Telecoms IDL Text files directly for downloading.
* idldoc - the IDL Documentation Generator
idldoc is a program that accepts OMG IDL source code and writes html documentation for the contained definitions. It can be used to provide Web-accessible documentation for CORBA-compliant distributed objects.
* CORBA 2.3 Language Mappings: IDL -> Java
The official OMG specification document for the IDL to Java Language Mapping.
* CORBA 2.3 Language Mappings: Java -> IDL
The official OMG specification document for the Java to IDL Language Mapping.

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