- CORBA Internet Inter-Orb Protocol

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CORBA : CORBA Internet Inter-Orb Protocol

IIOP is now the standard CORBA protocol for ORB-to-ORB interworking. Also, it has recently been added as the transport protocol for Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation).
The "plumbing" of the new "Object-Web".

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* IIOP : A Brief Description
A brief description of IIOP, the OMG's Internet Inter-ORB Protocol.
* CORBA/IIOP 2.2 Standard Document
The on-line version of the CORBA/IIOP 2.2 Standard Document.
* IIOP Specification: A Closer Look
A look at the details of the IIOP protocol specification for ORB interoperability.
* RMI and IIOP in Java - FAQ
Some frequently asked questions about RMI and IIOP in Java, and how the two can / will be combined.
* IIOP Protocol Analyser
A diagnostic tool written by Ciarán Treanor to trace the contents of IIOP packets, built on top of the tcpdump packet analyser utility.

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