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CORBA : Java and CORBA

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* Infrastructure Building Blocks for the Net-Centric Application
Four key distibuted computing features for Java apps.
Provides an introduction of how Java and CORBA fit together, and some of the possibilities that offers.
* Java, RMI and CORBA
A whitepaper on how CORBA and RMI integrate with Java.
* CORBA meets Java
An article from JavaWorld on how to build a distributed Java applet that accesses server objects using CORBA. Covers a brief introduction to CORBA, how to get started, using IDL, and a step-by-step discussion of an example program. Also includes a very short comparison of CORBA, DCOM and RMI.
* RMI and Java Distributed Computing
A lightweight article from JavaSoft describing the relationship between RMI and CORBA, and providing some guidance on which to use.
* Netscape ISB for Java - Programmer's Guide
Describes tools and techniques for developing CORBA-compliant applications using Netscape Internet Service Broker for Java.
* Defining CORBA Interfaces for Java with Caffeine
* CORBA for Java Programmers
A basic introduction to CORBA written for Java programmers, including the IDL mapping from CORBA to Java data types.
* Writing Networked Whiteboards Apps with Java 1.1
A series of articles from JavaWorld discussing various ways to write a networked whiteboard app, including versions using sockets and RMI, Servlets, and CORBA. Full example source code is included.
* JavaCorba Mailing List Archive
Archive and instructions for joining the mailing list.
* CorbaBeans Proof-of-Concept
An example of packaging access to CORBA interfaces in Java Beans (and the other way round as well)
* How to write CORBA objects
An introductory article showing how to write a simple CORBA application in Java (using the VisiBroker ORB, but the approach is generally applicable)
* Netscape Internet Service Broker for Java - Programmer's Guide
Provides a guide for programmers on how to develop and program distributed, object-based applications in Java for Windows and Unix using the Netscape Internet Service Broker (ISB).
* Netscape Internet Service Broker for Java - Reference Guide
Provides reference information on the commands, utilities, and interfaces included in the Netscape Internet Service Broker (ISB) for Java for Windows and Unix.
* Java-Based Database Agent Using CORBA Events
An article describing the CORBA Event Channel Service and its application to Database Connectivity and Event Notification. The Event Channel Service supports both the "push" and "pull" styles of communication between the suppliers and consumers of events.
* Book: Client/Server Programming with Java and CORBA
The second edition of Robert Orfali and Dan Harkey's book about CORBA programming using Java - widely regarded as THE definitive book on the subject - the famous "Two Martians" book! Covers integrating CORBA and Java with IIOP, JavaBeans, CORBA Beans, and Enterprise JavaBeans. Includes lots of example code to get you started quickly.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Example: CORBA "Hello World" with Callback Object
A simple example program using Java IDL, illustrating how a client program can pass a callback object to a server.
* Java and CORBA - a smooth blend
By David Reilly. With the introduction of support for CORBA into Java 1.2, developers can now create distributed systems that run in a hybrid mix of Java and other CORBA-friendly languages. Java 1.2 includes everything you need to start writing CORBA services. In this article, I'll show you how to get started with Java IDL.
* Java 1.2 extends Java's distributed object capabilities
Find out what RMI and Java IDL, Java 1.2's seemingly similar distributed object technologies, have to offer you.
The Java 1.2 platform allows you to build distributed object applications using two different methods -- the existing RMI and a new technology called Java IDL, which is a component of the Java Enterprise specification. Although Sun has gone to some length to allay fears that portions of these technologies are redundant, many developers are still confused over the need for two seemingly similar distributed object technologies. This article by Bryan Morgan compares and contrasts the two technologies and develops sample applications that make use of each one.
* JavaORB
JavaORB is a free implementation of CORBA 2.2 written completely in Java. Features include:
* Test your Java/CORBA server from the inside
Learn how to test your server classes from within the running server by dynamically loading and executing test classes inside the server's virtual machine. Another great JavaWorld tip!
* The IBM Space Conquest Game
The IBM Space Conquest is a multiuser network game. It is a sophisticated example of what you can do with RMI-IIOP. It creates and uses multiple servers on demand, passes large and complex objects by value, and has multiple Swing clients. All source code is provided.
* The Java-CORBA Way to Large-Scale Software Design
In the CORBA-based, service broker framework, the data that's required and shared among various heterogeneous systems is coordinated in a synchronized manner by a server process, yet maintained locally by each participating system.
Although lots of articles mention how to design a large-scale system, they often lack implementation details, due partly to the complexity of the issues involved. In this article Ming Tan provides an example of a simple, generic and yet useful implementation of a large-scale system based on Java-CORBA architecture.
* CORBA Java Code Clinic
Full coding examples that will help you develop CORBA applications in Java using VisiBroker, OrbixWeb, and JavaIDL ORBs.

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