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CORBA : Other related CORBA documents

vOther contributed CORBA links

See Also:

* OMG - Object Management Group
The Object Management Group - home of the CORBA specification.
* Doug Schmidt's CORBA page
* CORBA Information Repository
* Archive of the Corba-Dev mailing list
* Netscape Developer: CORBA/IIOP
Netscape's developer home page for the CORBA/IIOP facilities now build into it's Navigator 4 / Communicator and Enterprise Server products.
* Netscape's CORBA Sample Code for Netscape 4
* The IONA Orbix Cookbook
A collection of recipes or Design Patterns for solving some real CORBA application problems (primarily using Iona's Orbix ORB, but being design patterns they do have wider applicability).
* Configuring Web Naming
A TechNote explaining how to configure a web server to support Web Naming. Lists the requirements for a web server to support the Internet Service Broker's web naming functionality, and gives detailed instructions on configuring Enterprise Server 3.0 for web naming.
* ORBnews Online
Paragon Software's "digest of news and views from the world of distributed object computing"
Q/CORBA is a software bus system used as part of the ARPA sponsored Arcadia project. Q/CORBA provides both remote procedure call (RPC) and message-passing semantics as a layer above Unix sockets. It can provide both the Open Network Computing (ONC) industrial standard (the one underlying NFS) as well as CORBA2 IIOP.
* How to write WAI services
Web Application Interface (WAI) is Netscape's new technology for communicating and interfacing with web servers which is more-efficient than CGI. WAI is distributed and language-neutral due to it being based on CORBA. Code examples are in Java.
* Headline: Inprise Introduces DCE-Corba Bridge
Inprise introduces a DCE-CORBA Bridge product that will allow access to a distributed computing environment-based network from CORBA applications. The bridge technology is bi-directional, but its primary design is for enabling a CORBA network or Internet application to connect to legacy DCE applications.
A detailed discussion of writing a JDBC driver using CORBA and IIOP as the underlying transport mechanism. Includes full source code.
* CORBA Security Mail List
A mailing list discussing issues related to security in CORBA-based systems and applications.
* Corba Patterns mailing list
A mailing list to discuss design patterns for distributed objects and CORBA.
* Using OrbixWeb with Netscape Communicator
The settings and configuration code required to use OrbixWeb in Netscape Communicator, rather then the built in Visibroker ORB.
* HTTP-tunnelling with applets using OrbixWeb
How to tunnel CORBA requests through HTTP from an applets using OrbixWeb, and some of the restrictions placed on the CORBA usage in that situation.

CORBA : Other contributed CORBA links

See Also:

* Cetus Links CORBA Page
The Cetus Links are a collection of links to resources about object-orientation. This is the page devoted to CORBA.
* CORBA development
This site contains links to Russian CORBA resources and translations of some OMG specifications and tutorials.
* Atlanta CORBA Users Group
The Atlanta CORBA Users Group is a forum for IS professionals seeking to further their understanding of CORBA. The ACUG Website is a repository of current CORBA events in the world, updated daily.
* IONA Technologies
IONA Technologies is the world leader in "Making Software Work Together(tm)" . The company develops, markets and sells the Orbix(r) product family which enables organizations to make their incompatible computer systems work together as one solution.
* OpenSpirit E&P Component Framework
PrismTech's OpenSpirit E&P Compoent Framework is an application independent software platform which enables the 'plug-and-play' integration of software applications across the oil and gas exploration and production lifecycle. OpenSpirit uses OpenFusion CORBA Services and ORB technology to provide application developers with access to data independently of the data-store, location or the implementation language of the data access technology and also ensures that application sbuilt by different organisations can interoperate together.
* OpenFusion CORBA Services
PrismTech's OpenFusion CORBA Services are fully compliant implementations of the relevant OMG Common Object Services (COS) specifications. The OpenFusion CORBA Services are strictly CORBA compliant, both at the interface and implementation level. This means that the services are easily portbale across a number of different ORB implementations and operating systems. OpenFusion CORBA Services are designed to support large scale integrate systems and provide the basic building blocks for any CORBA based application development. They extend the functionality provided by the ORB and enable the development and deployment of systems containing tens of thousands of objects.

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