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C++ : Other related C++ documents

vOther contributed C++ links

See Also:

* Bjarne Stroustrup's homepage
Being the creator of the C++ language, it contains quite a lot of C++ related material!
* DCE pthreads versus NT Threads
Experiences porting a C++ class library to Windows NT.
* Passing the C++ test
An article from Dr Dodds Journal (Spring 97 - the Software Careers Special Issue) by Al Stevens with a list of questions you'll likely be asked if you're looking for a job that requires C++ programming skills and the answers you should be able to provide.
* From C++ to COM
A tutorial article showing how to take an existing project written in C++ and turns it into a component-based design using the COM infrastructure.
* CGI.h - CGI programming in C++
CGI.h is a C++ header file which facilitates the creation of CGI programs in C++. This file defines a CGI class and contains methods to access the resulting CGI object in a manner very similar to Perl 5's CGI.pm.

C++ : Other contributed C++ links

See Also:

* PCAUSA Home Page
PCAUSA provides specialized toolkits for network software devlopers on the Windows platform. Promiscuous mode NDIS protocol drivers, transport data interface (TDI), and Windows 95 redirectors.
* On-line C++ Style guide (and links to others)
HTML version of the Ellementel C++ Style Guide (freeware version) before the following book was published: "Industrial Strength C++ - Rules and Recommendations" by Mats Henricson and Erik Nyquist A RTF (Word) version is also available for download.
* Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, BASIC, JAVA, and other tools for programmers and developers. All files and links are organized in an easy-to-find format.
* AVL Trees: Tutorial and C++ Implementation
An AVL tree is a special type of binary tree that is always "partially" balanced. This paper by Brad Appleton provides a very comprehensive explanation of AVL trees and their implementation in C++.
* Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) SDK
Microsoft's Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) allows contact management, task tracking and calendar scheduling capabilities to be easily added to Windows CE applications. Based on the Microsoft Outlook 98 Object Model, POOM provides an easy way for Visual Basic and Visual C++ developers to build customized, collaborative solutions across a range of Windows CE-based mobile devices.

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