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Databases : Other related Database documents

vOther contributed Database links

See Also:

* ODBMS Facts
A good source of facts and information about Object Database Management Systems, including suggested readings, implementation stories, and a selection model to help with choosing an Object DB.
PHP/FI is a server-side html-embedded scripting language. It lets you write simple scripts right in your .HTML files much like JavaScript does, except, unlike JavaScript PHP/FI is not browser-dependant because it is a server-side language. PHP/FI provides support for embedded SQL right from a .html file.
* The Official MySQL Website
MySQL is a multi-threaded, very FAST implementation of ANSI92 SQL. Similar to the good old mSQL in many ways, but seems to be gaining ground quite rapidly.
* Frequently Asked Questions about MySQL
* Index for MySQL Documentation
The MySQL documentation Home Page.
* DBI Home Page
DBperl is a database access Application Programming Interface (API) for the Perl Language. The DBperl API Specification defines a set of functions, variables and conventions that provide a consistent database interface independent of the actual database being used. Also lists the drivers available for various DBMS's.
* The OLAP Report
A web site aiming to provide regularly updated, detailed and unbiased information on the OLAP market and OLAP products.
* InstantDB
InstantDB is a 100% Java, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is free to non-commercial and non-government organisations. Features supported include joins, transactions, triggers, sub-selects, table aliasing and much, much more that you wouldn't normally expect to find in a free RDBMS.
* CocoBase Free
CocoBase Free JDBC is a free version of the CocoBase Lite series of products. It includes all of the functionality of CocoBase Lite except it's use is restricted to only the "Instant DB database" and the "SimpleText" database (included).
CocoBase Lite maps a java object to a relational database. It can automatically generate Java classes from existing tables, or java classes can automatically create relational tables.
* Hypersonic SQL
Hypersonic SQL is a free general purpose database written in Java. It is very small and can be easily used where a big SQL database is not required - such as in applets, for local testing, as a distributed application, or for most production purposes. Transactions and db security are supported.
* storedObjects
'storedObjects' is an open-source object database coded in Java, with the following features: storedObjects's engine also includes a messaging system for synchronous and asynchronous messaging, comprising a partial implementation of Sun's Java Messaging Service (JMS).

Databases : Other contributed Database links

See Also:

* Empress Software Inc.
Empress Software, Inc. develops a sophisticated ANSI SQL, scientific relational database management system which can run on over 1500 Unix and Windows platforms. Companion products to the Empress RDBMS include an ODBC interface, Internet application development tools, a report writer, a GUI builder and a 4GL product. Detailed information on products, customer services available, sales contacts, recent news and international distributors is available on the Empress Web site.
* DataMirror Transaction Server
Company providing realtime, bi-directional, field level, transformational data propagation between AS/400 with DB2, NT (Intel based or Alpha) with SQL Server, UNIX and NT with Oracle and UNIX with Sybase. Provides for Data Distribution/Sharing, High Availability/Failover and population of DataWarehouse/Data Mart environments from operational systems with minimal processing/IO overhead
* Cetus Links Object-Oriented Database Page
The Cetus Links are a collection of links to resources about object-orientation. This is the page devoted to Object-Oriented Databases and Repositories.
* Clarion 4
* Quest Software
Quest Software provides market-leading Database Management solutions for Oracle developers and DBAs. They also provide Report-Based Information Management and Data Replication software for distributed computing environments.
* Data Flow Manager for Access
Data transfer add-in for access applications.
* MERANT DataDirect - ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB access
With DataDirect, you can choose from a range of technology for ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB data access, from best-in-class distributed components to highly scalable middleware servers.
* Data Access Roadmap
Explains JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB and data access APIs. Links to JDBC and ODBC pages, performance reports, driver lists, object-relational database information and published articles.
* JDBC Drivers
JDBC Drivers and Vendor Contact Info
* ODBC Drivers
ODBC Drivers and Vendor Contact Info
MIMER is a relational DBMS that combines ease-of-use and small footprint with high performance and scaleability. MIMER is the first DBMS in the world with support for ISO's PSM standard for stored procedures. MIMER is available on all major Unix platforms (including Linux), Windows NT, Windows 95/98 and OpenVMS.
* MS Access Automation Wizards
A collection of tools for Microsoft Access developers and users.
A SQL-92 standard DBMS for Windows95 / WindowsNT.
* SQLExperts.com
Searchable index over freeware and shareware databases, database tools and database resources.
* American Information Components
Complete Microsoft Access resource for beginners to experienced developers. News, Reviews, Tutorials, Downloads, Help, Information, Components, and Development Tips.

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