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Databases : mSQL - Mini-SQL

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mSQL Home Page

* Mini SQL Home Page

mSQL Product Description

* Mini SQL v2 Documentation Library
Old v1 Documentation is also still available.
* Mini SQL 2.0 Online Manual
Including mSQL Language Spec , system variables and utility programs

mSQL White Papers

* Mini SQL: A Lightweight Database Engine
Describes the original rational for the Mini-SQL database.

Other mSQL Documents and Tools

* A Brief mSQL Tutorial
* The mSQL FAQ
* WEBSQL - A MSQL Web Browser Interface
* W3-mSQL
w3-msql is an interface between a web server and mSQL which can be used to greatly simplify the use of a Mini SQL database to generate dynamic web pages.
* CPAN Perl Libraries for MsqlPerl
Libraries to interface to an mSQL database from a Perl CGI script or program.
The Imaginary JDBC Driver for the MiniSQL/mSQL database. Available as Open Source under the Artistic License.
Frequently Asked Questions asked about the mSQL-JDBC JDBC driver for the mSQL database engine.

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