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Online Development magazines : Other related Online Development documents

vOther contributed Online Development magazines links

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^Online Development magazines

* Sys Admin magazine
The journal for UNIX system administrators.
* A step-by-step guide to developing Web applications
A walk through of the process of designing and developing a typical web-based application.

Online Development magazines : Other contributed Online Development magazines links

See Also:
^Online Development magazines

* Visual Basic Web Directory
A free searchable directory filled with thousands of web resources for the Micro soft Visual Basic programming language. Visitors can browse dozens of topics or search the entire site with keywords. The definitive index for Visual Basic reso urces on the Internet.
* Web Techniques magazine
Developer techniques magazine covers Perl, Java, databases, XML, Webmastering, scripting, visual design
* Distributed Computing Magazine
Magazine on distributed computing technologies such as EJB, UML, COM, etc.
* Book: Game Architecture And Design
An excellent book about computer game design and project management which goes beyond the simple act of coding a game. As computer game software has to be out the door quickly and virtually bug free this book presents a rapid, clever approach to working on these types of projects. There are also articles on game theory, design strategies, and gameplay balancing, and an interesting chapter on using the very latest technology. Takes the reader through all the necessary game creation steps - from seeing a game idea on paper to actually implementing that idea!
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Book: Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change
Kent Beck's "Extreme Programming Explained" provides an intriguing high-level overview of the author's Extreme Programming (XP) software development methodology. Written for IS managers, project leaders, and programmers, this guide provides a glimpse of the principles behind XP and its potential for small- to mid-size software development teams.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Software Carpentry
The aim of the Software Carpentry project is to create a new generation of easy-to-use software engineering tools, and to document both those tools and the working practices they are meant to support. All of the project's designs, tools, test suites, and documentation will be generally available under the terms of an Open Source license.
* NewsForge Newsfeed
NewsForge offers it's unique tech news and reports in a variety of dynamic forms.

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