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This is a beaker bong that is virtually indestructible.

  • When it comes to filtering smoke through water, the surface area is important - see, the more your smoke makes contact with the water, the more heat, tar, and carcinogens are filtered out, and the smoother your smoking experience.

  • Guaranteed to complete any herbivore's collection and to make her the envy of all her smoking friends.

  • Some of these websites offer American-made glass, and a select few offer Canadian-made glass.

Bongs & Water Pipes

Imagine having a flexible, squeezable, virtually indestructible bong.

  • Pulling the bottle up creates a vacuum in the enclosed space on top of the water that pulls the smoke down into the bottle.

  • The filtered smoke can then be inhaled via the mouthpiece of the bong.

  • Beaker Bongs A Beaker Bong is a bong with a wide, flat base.