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Java - The programming language of the future!

Check the Java 1.2 section for the latest details of what's happening with the new version of the Java language and API's.

Also try the new JavaBeans page for the coverage of Java Beans, ActiveX, InfoBus, and other Java component architectures.

>The Main Java Sites
>Java Language and JVM Specification
>On-line Java Language and API Documentation
>JDK v1.2
 - The new version of the Java language now on general release.
- Don't expect it to be supported by any of the main browsers until mid-1999 [;-^]
>JDK v1.1
 - This is the previous version of the Java language, but still widely used for 'Production' systems.
>Bug Reports and Fixes
>Java FAQ Listings
>Java Tutorials and Introductions
>Java Language Standardization
>Java Security
>Java Network Programming
>RMI - Remote Method Invocation programming
>JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
 - See also our Database page for other articles on general usage of all types of databases.
>Java-based Transaction Programming
>Java Messaging Service
>EJB - Enterprise Java Beans
 - The server side component architecture for Java. Now being widely adopted in Application Servers everywhere.
>Java Servlets and Server-side Java
>Java Design Patterns
 - See the Design Patterns page for other articles on general usage of Design Patterns, including what they are, and why they are useful.
>Programming Techniques and Methods
 - Guidelines and techniques on specific programming methods and subjects.
>Parsing with Java
>Printing with Java
>Java Application Installation, Packaging and Shipping
>Java Concurrency and Threads
>Java Code Optimization Techniques
>Java Native Methods
>Java AWT and GUI Programming
 - General AWT / GUI programming articles.
>Java GUI Programming with Swing/JFC
>Custom Java GUI Components
>Java GUI Layouts and Layout Managers
>Java Image Handing and Manipulation
>Java Drag and Drop
>Java Applet and Class Listings
>Java Development Environments and Tools
 - IDE's and other development tools.
>Java Testing Tools and Techniques
>Java Coding Standards
>Make, Version Control and Configuration Management for Java
>Java Online Development Magazines
>Java Certification
>Java Services on NT
 - How to run a Java program as a proper NT service - ie. starts up when the computer reboots (rather than just when the user logs in), and notified of service events (such as shutdown requests)
>Other related Java documents

See Also:
>JDK v1.2
>JavaScript and JScript

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