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Java : Java Applet and Class Listings

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>Programming Techniques and Methods
>Programming Techniques and Methods
>Java AWT and GUI Programming

* Gamelan
Historically, the main site for Java classes and resources in the Internet.
Now part of the rambling Developer.com site.
* Ronald's Java Sources
An implementation of an HTTPClient class, an example of how to POST data to a CGI script, and a NotifyPageExit applet which calls a CGI script on your server when the user leaves (so you can clean up resources, etc).
* Cross-Frame Drag And Drop
A little package by Kimberley Burchett for implementing facilities to drag objects *BETWEEN* Java AWT Frames.
This is really neat! Be sure to try the demo, 'cos it'll blow your mind!!
* Jess - the Java Expert System Shell
A Java rules / inference engine by Ernest Friedman-Hill. Jess is a clone of CLIPS, a popular Rete-based shell from NASA. Try this if you're into AI.
* JGL - the Generic Collection Library
The Generic Collection Library for Java (JGL) is a comprehensive set of reusable data structures and algorithms, similar to the "Standard Template Library" in C++. It is available free for commercial use from ObjectSpace Inc.
* GEF: The Graph Editing Framework
The Graph Editing Framework is a library of Java classes that make it easier to develop new applications that involve diagram editing (ala MacDraw) and connected graph editing (something like Visio).
* jotp: The Java OTP Calculator
A One-Time Password (OTP) calculator written in Java for the S/Key system. Includes full source code, so you can check what the applet is doing before using it, and compile everything yourself locally for extra security.
* ACME Java Software
A great little collection of extremely useful applets and classes by Jef Poskanzer, all available with source code and completely free to use. Includes several very useful GUI widgets, some nice little HTTP fetcher and spider classes, and the legendary MainFrame class for running an applet as a standalone application.
* Java Oasis
A repository for free Java related software and documentation.
* HTML browser
A simple HTML browser written in Java written by Frans van Gool in Holland. It is meant to be used as a help system for Java applications, and is free (including sources) for non-commercial purposes.
* Example Code from "Java in a Nutshell" book
* Java Announcements Archive
An archive of the announcements in the comp.lang.java.announce newsgroup - usually products, applets or class libraries. A useful start point is the tree view .
* Animated, Multi-State Buttons
A great little Java button class / applet providing reusable animated buttons. Lots of alternative examples, and free download of the .class files.
* The EOS FTP bean
A nice implementation of client-side FTP packaged up as a JavaBean for use in Java applications. Not a free product, but worth the money if you need this functionality.
* General purpose java classes
Some useful little general purpose java classes written by Radu Sion.
* Misrosoft's AFC Home Page
Microsoft's Application Foundation Classes (AFC) is a set of Java class libraries contains User Interface (UI) controls, graphics and effects classes, and classes that provide support for Microsoft cabinet file (CAB) compression technology. This home page also has links to samples, reference documentation, articles, overviews, press releases, etc.
* JDK 1.0.2 compatible AFC
Microsoft has released a version of their Application Foundation Classes (AFC) for Java 1.0.2 JVMs on NT and Solaris - still the predominent version in almost all the browsers at the moment. AFC contains User Interface (UI) controls, graphics and effects classes, and classes that provide support for Microsoft cabinet file (CAB) compression technology.
* A Multi Column List Component
A nice little multi-column list component (with source code available) written by Paul Bedworth.
* Ptplot - Java Plotter
A set of two dimensional signal plotters components written in Java.
* Lightweight Component Scroller
A very nice Java component scroller by Paul Bedworth which works with Java 1.02 upwards, using its own lightweight scrollbars to give scrollbars that actually work properly! Includes full source code.
* Toolbar Component with "ToolTips"
Another nice Java 1.0.2 component by Paul Bedworth - this time a toolbar with "ToolTips" style popup help messages. Includes full source code.
* Some Java Goodies
Some nice little Java goodies by Kevin Kelly, including a thread responsiveness monitor and a memory monitor.
* The Java Hermit
A set of rather nice applets you can download and use in your own web pages - free for non-commercial use, or modarate commercial user license terms. Includes SiteNav, TreeMenu, Text and Icon buttons, SlideShow applets.
* IBM alphaBeans web site
alphaBeans includes a variety of freely available Java beans written by IBM that can be used to develop Java applets or applications.
* Free-DOM
FREE-DOM is an implementation by Don Park of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) API in Java.
* mpEDIT
A Free Multi-Platform Editor in Java written by John Jensen. Usable as a standalone application, or as a JavaBean component, and extendible through the use of plug-in EditBeans. Supports color syntax highlighting for Java, JavaScript, C++, HTML and VRML.
* Java Syslog Package
A Java based syslog inplementation that allows you to monitor messages posted by the standard syslogd protocol, common on UNIX systems.
* Atlanta Java Consortium Reuseables Archive
Some code written by members of the Atlanta Java Consortium. Contents include:
* dl.util.concurrent - Doug Lee's concurrency utility package
A set of Java classes with source code that provide standardized, efficient versions of utility classes commonly encountered in concurrent Java programming.
* XML Java IO Writer
A Java class by Tyler Baker to assist with the output of XML data.
* ICE Browser Bean
The ICE Browser is a Java Bean component for embedding HTML browsing into applications. It is a flexible, extensible and highly customisable HTML browser with full support for the HTML language (HTML 3.2).
* Giant Java Tree
The Giant Java Tree is a public domain project whose primary aim is to create a giant Java source tree consisting entirely of code that is licensed under the General Public License.
A fairly sophisticated distributed package release system is being developed / used too - based on CVS.
* The Gamelet Toolkit
The Gamelet Toolkit is a powerful, robust, scalable, object oriented framework of classes and interfaces used for developing arcade style video games and entertainment applets. It provides classes for the management of several key functions including sprite animation, display optimization, and scoring.
* How to create a reusable MessageBox class
Here's a powerful, reusable MessageBox class (for Java 1.1 or later versions) that allows you to display a message and clickable buttons in a browser window and gather a response from the user. When the user clicks a button or closes the window, the client is notified by way of an ActionEvent. In creating your message box, an optional image may be displayed. Plus, multiline messages are supported, and deadlocking the AWT thread is avoided.
* Quote.com jchart
Near real-time stock quotes and charting for free, using a Java applet at the Quote.com website.
* DOM 1.0 implementation anomalies
The results of some testing by the Bean Factory into how each Java XML parser implementes DOM in a different way for certain features, and how some parsers didn't even implement all the interfaces in the DOM 1.0 API. First tests are a list of these differences between the Sun Project X Technology Release 1 and IBM XML Parser for Java v2.0.4 (not in backward compatibility mode) parsers and later the OpenXML parser will be analysed.
* IBM Log Package for Java
IBM's log4j package provides a simple yet flexible mechanism to output log statements to a file or to an OutputStream.
* Quotes Bean
The IBM Quotes Bean receives company stock quotes from the Yahoo! Finance server and stores them in the XML format.
* Apache Jakarta Regex library
Regexp is a 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package that was graciously donated to the Apache Software Foundation by Jonathan Locke. He originally wrote this software back in 1996 and it has stood up quite well to the test of time.
* GameFrame for Java
GameFrame for Java (GF4J in short) is a simple game programmers library that by abstracting the used "engines" in a way that allows some platforms to use native implementations (such as SVGALib on Linux, DirectX on Win32) that enhance the gamers experience somehow. The games made with GF4J are still able to run with plain 100% Java (1.1 and 1.2) and the GF4J is usable on any Java (1.1 or 1.2) compatible Java VM's.
* Caribbean
This IBM Alphaworks package provides a Java framework including a runtime for building Web applications providing asynchronous, event-handling, and monitoring services. Each user can keep a persistent Event-Driven Object like an Agent at server side.
* opensource.go.com
The opensource.go.com site is where you will find contributions to the open source community from the Walt Disney Internet Group. Here you can find the latest technologies that help drive their popular web sites, including ESPN.com, NFL.com, ABCNews.com and GO.com.

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