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Java : On-line Java Language and API Documentation

See Also:
>Java Language and JVM Specification
>JDK v1.2

* Sun's Java Documentation index
The start page for accessing all of Sun's on-line Java documentation.
* Java API Overview
Provides an overview and links to all the current JavaSoft API specifications, as it's getting difficult to keep track of them all......
* Sun's Java Whitepapers Index
* JDK v1.1 Online Documentation
* JDK v1.1 Online API Reference
* Java JDK v1.2 documentation
The online documentation for the new 1.2 version of the Java language.
The main additions are in performance, security, and version control facilities, as well as the inclusion of the JFC (Swing) UI toolkit as standard.
* Book: The Java Application Programming Interface
by James Gosling, Frank Yellin. Volume 1 covers the core packages, and Volume 2 covers the AWT packages.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Java documentation in WinHelp format
Windows Help (WinHelp) format allows you to perform a full-text search for words, as well as the normal hierarchical browsing / cross refering as in the normal browser HTML version of the docs. All the main JDK versions are available - 1.0.2, 1.1.7, 1.2, Swing 1.0.3 and the Java Tutorial.
Recommended by Sun themselves!
* javadocs for sun.tools.javac.Main
Online javadocs for the sun.tools.javac.Main class. Very useful for doing in-process compilations of Java source code, for example by a code generator program.
* javadocs for sun.* classes in the JDK
Online javadocs for the sun.* classes, included in Sun's standard JDK distribution.
NOTE: These are obviously not "core java" classes, nor do they qualify as "100% Pure Java" because they are "non-standard".
* Java 2 Core Class Libraries
Java Report's interactive version of the Java 2 Core Class Libraries documentation.

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