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Java : Java FAQ Listings

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>The Main Java Sites
>On-line Java Language and API Documentation
>Java Online Development Magazines
>Java Tutorials and Introductions

* Cafe Au Lait
Java FAQ and News by Elliotte Rusty Harold.
* comp.lang.java FAQ
The HTML version of the Frequently Asked Questions document from the comp.lang.java usenet newsgroup.
Also available in text format from usenet.
* Java How-To
A good collection of answers to common Java programming questions compiled by Réal Gagnon.
* Source Code For Dr. Dobb's Journal, Java Q&A
A collection of example code for doing commonly requested tasks. Examples include:
* Java Programmers FAQ
A list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) for experienced Java programmers.
* FindMail archive of Advanced-Java mailing list
Very useful for answering the more advanced frequently asked questions.
* The Swing/JFC FAQ
What seems to be the "official" (ie. recommended by Sun) Swing Frequently Asked Questions list, now maintained by Stephen Drye and regularly posted in comp.lang.java.gui and comp.lang.java.programmer newsgroups.
* Swing Mailing List FAQ
A set of questions frequently asked on the Swing mailing list.

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