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Java : Java Drag and Drop

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>Java AWT and GUI Programming

* Cross-Frame Drag And Drop
A little package by Kimberley Burchett for implementing facilities to drag objects *BETWEEN* Java AWT Frames.
This is really neat! Be sure to try the demo, 'cos it'll blow your mind!!
* Draggable Icons
A demo (with source code) from the book Core Web Programming by Marty Hall illustrating draggable images (icons). Has a few "glyches", but a good example of the techniques none-the-less.
* Drag-and-Drop How To
A demonstration and sample code for Java 1.2's Drag-and-Drop capabilities.
* Drag-and-Drop "How To" - 1.2.beta4 style
The MiningCo drag-and-drop example to use the updated D&D API of JDK 1.2.beta4.
* Drag and Drop, Take 3
Learn how to use Java 2 platform Drag-and-Drop capabilities with custom flavors for user data. An updated, improved and advanced version of the Mining Co Java Drag-and-Drop example.
* How to drag and drop with Java 2
Drag and drop (D&D) is an intuitive GUI gesture used for transferring data from one GUI component to another. This JavaWorld article explores the D&D classes introduced in the Java 2 platform (formerly JDK 1.2). To demonstrate the transfer of textual data locally (within a single Java virtual machine) and remotely (to other JVMs or native programs), Gene De Lisa shows you how to subclass a Swing (JFC) component. This article includes a D&D Glossary.
* Java Drag and Drop FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Java Drag-and-Drop from students taking Java training courses at Rockhopper Technologies.

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