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Java : Custom Java GUI Components

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* Creating Custom Components
A tutorial from JavaWorld about how to write your own custom GUI components.
* A JavaSoft tutorial: General Rules for Using Components
A good general overview of how AWT components work and how they are used.
* A JavaSoft tutorial: Details of the Component Architecture
An overview of the AWT component architecture, including how the native GUI peers work with the AWT classes.
* Writing an Image Button custom GUI component
from JavaWorld. A step-by-step guide to building a custom AWT Component, in this case a rather headyweight ImageButton.
How to subclass an AWT component so you can build an image button for toolbars, palettes, and other "icon-friendly" environments.
* Common Component Problems
JavaSoft's guide to common problems when using GUI components, and how to correct them.
* Moving to JDK 1.1
Using the delegation event model to create custom AWT components.
* ImageLabel
A demo (with source code) from the book Core Web Programming by Marty Hall illustrating an AWT Label component to display Images.
* ImageButton
A demo (with source code) from the book Core Web Programming by Marty Hall illustrating an AWT Button component to display Images.
* Popup Menus in Java 1.0.2
Source code from the book Core Web Programming by Marty Hall to provide a redementary popup menu type facility in Java 1.0.2. Given the limitations of Java 1.0, it works reasonably well, although obviously the "real" PopupMenu features in Java 1.1 are preferable if available - but that needs some browsers that support Java 1.1!
* Animated, Multi-State Buttons
A great little Java button class / applet providing reusable animated buttons. Lots of alternative examples, and free download of the .class files.
* A Multi Column List Component
A nice little multi-column list component (with source code available) written by Paul Bedworth.
* Java AWT: Lightweight UI Framework
Details of the Lightweight UI Framework in AWT 1.1+ for writing custom UI components, and including a little example of how to write your own UI Components (in this case a round button)
* JDK1.1: How to Create Lightweight Components
Details of how to write Lightweight UI Components, including example code for a Round Button, and "Openlook" Button, a Spinner, and a Gauge.
* Drawing text in Java
How to use the Graphics, Font and FontMetrics classes to provide custom drawing of text on a component/canvas.
* Book: Graphic Java 1.1 : Mastering the AWT
Widely regarded as the best book to understand the details of AWT programming, and how to write your own custom components in Java. Also features a detailed discussion throughout the second half of the book on developing a custom component toolkit (full binaries and source code included), illustrating exactly how to use the AWT and Java Graphics facilities to extend the standard GUI widget set.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Understanding Borders in Swing
Describes the Border facilities in the JFC/Swing toolkit, including how to use the standard Borders or write your own custom border type.
* Extending AWT Components
How to write your own custom AWT widgets, using the specific example of a SelfValidatingTextField.
* How to create a reusable MessageBox class
Here's a powerful, reusable MessageBox class (for Java 1.1 or later versions) that allows you to display a message and clickable buttons in a browser window and gather a response from the user. When the user clicks a button or closes the window, the client is notified by way of an ActionEvent. In creating your message box, an optional image may be displayed. Plus, multiline messages are supported, and deadlocking the AWT thread is avoided.

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