- Java Image Handing and Manipulation

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Java : Java Image Handing and Manipulation

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* Asyncronous loading of network-nased images in Java
from JavaWorld. Find out how applets load network-based images asynchronously, and how the MediaTracker class can help an app.
* Implementing Double Buffering with Java
How to use double-buffering techniques for image drawing in Java.
* The Java image producer / consumer model
A detailed article from JavaWorld about Java's producer / consumer model for handling images.
Provides a crash course in image handling, together with details of how to creat your own custom image producers.
* Using filters to manipulate images in Java
* Baklava - A Sprite Toolkit for Java Applets
Details of a sprite graphics library for Java programmers by Thomas Boutell. Download or Homepage here.
* Common Graphics Problems
JavaSoft's guide to common problems when using images and graphics, and how to get round them.
* Transparent Image Example
A short example of how to load and display a transparent GIF image over a background image.
* PNG Source Code and Libraries
Tools and source code for handling PNG format image files in various languages, including C and Java.
* BMP Library
A collection of Java packages by Richard Osbaldeston to faciliate the loading & saving of Windows BMP pictures. It can read 2, 16, 256 or 24-bit colour pictures and write internal Java Image objects as 24-bit colour bitmaps.
* JIMI Software Development Kit
Jimi is a class library from Sun for managing images. It provides full or partial support for the following formats: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PICT, Photoshop, BMP, Targa, ICO, CUR, Sunraster, XBM, XPM, and PCX.

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