- Java GUI Layouts and Layout Managers

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Java : Java GUI Layouts and Layout Managers

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* Layout Manager Launch
A massive collection of links to Java layout managers.
Virtually a Java Layout Manager home page! Give it a visit!
* Write your own Java Layout Manager
* Laying Out Components within a Container
JavaSoft's introduction to Layout managers, what they are, and how they work. Also has a section on common layout problems that people encounter, and how to get round them.
* Creating a Custom Layout Manager
JavaSoft's introduction to writing custom Layout managers, describing all the methods in the Layoutmanager interface that need to be implemented, and a source code example.
* Lava - A Java GUI Designer
The home page for Lava - a great little utility for designing GUI displays that use a GridBagLayout, and then generates the Java code to build that display.
Could be the only screen designer you need!
* Implementing a Position Layout Manager in Java
An article from IBM's growing Java education site showing step-by-step how to write a layout manager for positioning components at fixed X and Y coordinates and with fixed widths and heights.
* All About GridBaglayout and Other Layout managers
Get to grips with GridBagLayout! Also discusses creating your own layout managers.

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