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Java : JDBC - Java Database Connectivity

See also our Database page for other articles on general usage of all types of databases.

See Also:

* JDBC Frequently Asked Questions
A JDBC FAQ maintained by Thornton Prime.
* JDBC Driver Types Diagram
* Java Database Connection
Bill Bilow's Java Table section on JDBC, including a complete and detailed JDBC program example.
* The Forest Project - Orthogonal Persistence for Java
The Forest project is research being performed by Sun into defining and developing orthogonal persistence for Java and evaluating its use in a variety of application areas, in particular in the construction of a system to support large-scale software development in Java. An experimental persistent programming system called PJama is being developed to try out the concepts.
* Java Interface to GDBM databases
Written by Martin Pool and available under the GPL. Requires the GNU GDBM native libraries , a suitable C/C++ compiler, and JDK1.1 or greater.
* JDBCTest
JDBCTest is a graphical, menu-driven Java applet that allows developers to test and learn the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API. Free download for evaluation from Intersolv.
* CloudScape JBMS
JBMS is a small footprint Java-based ORDBMS [Object-Relational DataBase Management System] that supports highly distributed applications especially in for embedded products such as palm-top PCs. An interesting sounding commercial product, supporting the concept of "Tear-Off Databases" allowing subsets of corporate data to be packaged as self-contained applications for local off-line use, then refreshed from corporate data stores and changes replicated back to the master db later.
* JDBC Drivers List
A list maintained by Sun/JavaSoft of the available JDBC drivers available from 3rd Party companies, and which of the four different JDBC driver types each is available as.
* Book: JDBC Database Access With Java
A tutorial and anotated reference to JDBC programming from Sun's Java Books Series.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Sybase jConnect for JDBC Online Documentation
* JDBC Connection Broker
DbConnectionBroker is a pure Java package for handling multiple concurrent database connections. Particularly useful when writing servlets or other "middle-tier" processes that use JDBC.
* SQLJ : Embedded SQL in Java
Home page for the SQLJ Embedded SQL in Java standard being developed by Oracle and other DB industry leaders. Aiming to provide a standardized way for Java programs to interact with multi-ventor databases, but at a higher level than the existing JDBC API. Basically Embedded-SQL for Java.
* SQLJ : Embedded SQL in Java - Specification
The evolving SQLJ Embedded SQL in Java standard specification. SQLJ is similar to the ANSI/ISO "Embedded SQL" standards for using static SQL embedded in C, COBOL, FORTRAN, and other languages.
* Answers to Frequently Asked JDBC Questions
Sun's FAQ list for JDBC. Not very comprehensive, but provides some key pointers.
A detailed discussion of writing a JDBC driver using CORBA and IIOP as the underlying transport mechanism. Includes full source code.
* "JTable is DB-aware"
Showing how the Swing component set (especially JTable) is database-ready, and walks through how to implement data-binding to a JDBC data source.
* JDBC Code Templates
Some code snippets and "cookbook" examples of JDBC code. Some bits are specific to Oracle's JDBC drivers, but most are generally applicable.
* Clever Facade makes JDBC look easy
A JavaWorld article to saves you some work when dealing with common JDBC operations! You can use the Facade design pattern to encapsulate the most popular JDBC objects, thereby hiding all the tedium of initialization, exception handling, and cleanup.
* JDBC 1.2 Data Access API Test Harness & Suite
The test harness and suite are used to test application portability across different JDBC drivers.
* InstantDB
InstantDB is a 100% Java, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is free to non-commercial and non-government organisations. Features supported include joins, transactions, triggers, sub-selects, table aliasing and much, much more that you wouldn't normally expect to find in a free RDBMS.
* CocoBase Free
CocoBase Free JDBC is a free version of the CocoBase Lite series of products. It includes all of the functionality of CocoBase Lite except it's use is restricted to only the "Instant DB database" and the "SimpleText" database (included).
CocoBase Lite maps a java object to a relational database. It can automatically generate Java classes from existing tables, or java classes can automatically create relational tables.
* RmiJdbc
RmiJdbc is a client/server JDBC Driver that uses Java RMI to provide a bridge to allow remote access to jdbc drivers. All JDBC classes (like Connection, ResultSet, etc...) are distributed as RMI objects, so that you can distribute as you like the access to any database supporting the JDBC API.

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