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Java : JDK v1.1

This is the previous version of the Java language, but still widely used for 'Production' systems.

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>JDK v1.2
>JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
>RMI - Remote Method Invocation programming

* Press Release: Sun ships JDK v1.1 including JavaBeans
Java language v1.1 was officially released on 19-Feb-1997.
* v1.1 JDK + Documentation download
* JDK v1.1 Feature Summary
* JDK v1.1 Online Documentation
* JDK v1.1 Online API Reference
* JDK 1.1 and Beyond
A sneak preview revealed at the JavaOne 1997 conference of what we can expect from the JDK during the next 12 months.
Look out for a new JVM with improved performance and thread syncronisation, more useable security, and the Java Foundation Classes promising to provide a framework for developing full feature applications with facilities such as drag and drop, undo, and context-sensitive help.
Can't wait!
* Sun's List of Known Bugs in Java
* Sun's List of Bugs fixed in Java 1.1
* JDK 1.1 Compatibility
Sun's Notes on the compatibility of JDK 1.1 with previous JDK releases.
* Writing Compatible Programs
Sun's Notes on how to write programs that are compatible with both JDK 1.1 and JDK 1.0.2.
* Moving to JDK 1.1
Using the delegation event model to create custom AWT components.
* List of JDK ports.
A list of JDK ports available for various machines and OS's.
* Java 1.1 Class Hierarchy Diagrams
An on-line copy of the Class Hierarchy Diagram by Charles Perkins featured in the April 1997 issue of Java Report.
* Accessing password-protected URLs using Java 1.1
How to use the HTTP URL authentication to access password-protected URLs with Java 1.1.
* Java 1.1 Printing Examples
Some good examples in Elliotte Rusty Harold's on-line Java course of how to use the new printing facilities in Java 1.1
* JDK 1.1 Signed Applet Example
A simple step-by-step demo of how you can experiment with code signing, using the JDK 1.1 tools (javakey, jar, and appletviewer).
* IBM Win32 Developer Kit and Runtime Environment, Java Edition - Version 1.1.7
IBM's new super-fast JVM for Windows systems. According to widely used performance benchmarks, IBM's JVM for Windows out-performs competitors' most recent offerings by an average of 30 percent. The JVM is available at no charge for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT operating systems.

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