- Java Language and JVM Specification

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Java : Java Language and JVM Specification

See Also:
^Java Language Standardization

* The Java Language Specification
The on-line version of Sun's official specification document for the Java Language.
* Changes in the Java Language Specification for 1.1
Although most of the Java Language hasn't changed from v1.0 to v1.1, this document describes the new *LANGUAGE* features. This does not cover the new APIs, only changes to the Language Specification such as inner classes, etc.
* JLS Clarifications
Clarifications and Amendments to the Java Language Specification for version 1.1.
* The Unofficial Java Spec Report
An on-line resource to make available unofficial errata for the documents that specify the Java platform: the language, the Java virtual machine, and the core APIs. The report does not track bugs in the JDK or other Java implementations.
* Java Virtual Machine Specification
The online version of the Java Virtual Machine Specification book .
* Inside Java Class Files
An article about the internal contents of Java class files, and showing how to write a little program to strip debug information (and in the process performs a little obfuscation!) The source code and class toolkit is also available online.
* Implementing a Java Virtual Machine in the Java Programming Language
A technical report from SunLabs examining the feasibility of constructing high-quality virtual machines using the Java programming language.
* Jikes
Jikes is IBM's open source compiler that translates Java source files as defined in The Java Language Specification into the bytecoded instruction set and binary format defined in The Java Virtual Machine Specification.

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