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Java : Java Language Standardization

See Also:
^Java Language and JVM Specification

* The 100% Pure Java Initiative
Details of Sun's 100% Pure-Java program.
It is described as a whitepaper, but it does not cover the technical details in much depth. The detailed information is in the '100% Pure Java Developer Cookbook' below.
* 100% Pure Java - Developers CookBook
A guide for Java developers to writing portable Java programs. It contains a definition of "purity", rules for 100% Pure Java certification, and hints and tips for enhancing the portability of Java programs.
* Press Release: Java Language Standardisation
Sun and Javasoft starts the process of making Java into an ISO international standard language.
* Java-Standard Efforts Hit Snag
The JTC 1 TAG subcommittee has asked that the group vote "No" on the idea of a for-profit company effectively becoming a standards committee.
Looks like it might be back to the drawing board on the formal standardisation front!
* The differences between Microsoft's and Sun's Java SDKs
A list from John Zukowski at JavaWorld showing exactly which methods, classes, and variables have been added to, or omitted from, the key Java class libraries in Microsoft's implementation of Java 1.1. Also includes an interesting analysis of the differences between the JVM in Netscape 4 and the "official" Sun JDK spec that also prevent it passing Sun's Java 1.1 compatibility suite!
* Sun vs. Microsoft and Netscape: The JVM Diffs
A note from Alex Chaffee giving a detailed list of the public differences between Sun's Java 1.1.3 JDK and the JVMs in Microsoft IE4 and Netscape 4.
Perhaps Netscape should be sent a law suit too! [;-^]
* Microsoft and Sun Release Java Contract
Details of the Contract agreement at the centre of the current legal dispute between Microsoft and Sun has been released by both parties. Read it, and decide for yourself who is "in the right", or wait 2 years for the courts to decide!
* Differences between MS SDK 2.0 for Java and JDK 1.1
Another list of differences between Microsoft's IE4 JVM and Sun's JDK (version 1.1.4 this time).
* ISO members approve Sun's PAS application
The International Standards Organisation has now approved Sun's application to become a Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) Submitter. Sun can now finally begin the process of submitting the Java technology for formal international standardization.
* Delegates in Visual J++ 6.0
A whitepaper from Microsoft describing the new delegate keyword in the Microsoft J++ compiler. The battle commences to see whether this should be included in the official Java language standard.
* About Microsoft's "Delegates"
A whitepaper from Sun "countering" the new Microsoft delegate keyword and language feature introduced with VJ++ 6.0, and giving a fairly clear message that "It is unlikely that the Java programming language will ever include this construct."
* JOLT Project Home Page
The JOLT project is aimed at providing a freely available and redistributble implementation of Sun's Java language and tools by developing a "clean-room" clone of Java that will pass Sun Microsystems's Java validation suite.
* Java Technology Submitted to ECMA for Standardization
Sun is now submitting its Java technology to ISO through the ECMA international standards organization, now that the PAS route seems to be blocked..
* Microsoft shelves its Java tools in new strategy
Microsoft confirmed 11-July-2000 that Visual Studio.Net, which the company demonstrated at a company-sponsored software developer conference, will not include Visual J++, the company's Java-based tool.

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