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Java : Other related Java documents

vOther contributed Java links

See Also:

* Java: The Year in Review 1996
A review of 1996 - The first full year of Java!
* Java-Linux Porting Project
The "semi-official" distribution of the Java JDK for the Linux platform.
* Linux Java mailing lists
A listing of Java mailing lists, several of which are specifically dedicated to running Java on Linux machines.
* Java-Linux FAQ
Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Java-Linux mailing list, compiled into a FAQ.
* Mailing Lists for Java Developers
Another listing of Java Mailing Lists. Very comprehensive.
Even includes sign-up forms to subscribe to each list!
* FindMail archive of all Java mailing lists
* The UK Java Centre
Listings of resource and Java development firms in the U.K.
* TeamJava HQ
Note: I find this site can be very slow over any modem link, as it seems to use an excessive amount of Java applets for visual effect. Try it, and form your own opinion.
* Java Serial and Parallel Port Driver
The portio package from Control Data - a java API for accessing serial and parallel ports.
Currently, there is only one implementation, which is for Central Data's EtherLite product line, but the source code is available as well as template source code for writing new PortDrivers.
May point you in the right direction, if nothing else, if you are tackling this problem yourself.
* Samsara - Remote filesystem access from Java
A package for accessing remote file systems from Java using the NFS version 2 protocol.
Still an ALPHA release so be ready to hunt out a few bugs!
* Experiences Converting a C++ Communication Software Framework to Java
A paper by Prashant Jain and Douglas C. Schmidt on their experiences in converting the ACE communications framework from C++ to Java. In the process, it explores some of the fundamental differences between C++ and Java.
* Advanced-Java mailing list
Home page for the adjanced-java mailing list, including a hyperlinked archive of messages.
* FindMail archive of Advanced-Java mailing list
Very useful for answering the more advanced frequently asked questions.
* Java Announcements Archive
An archive of the announcements in the comp.lang.java.announce newsgroup - usually products, applets or class libraries. A useful start point is the tree view .
The Independent Java User Group Greater London
* O'Reilly's Online Java Reference Library
Requires an annual subscription to access.
* JOFF - Java and Object Technologies for the Finance Community
A UK based Java consortium aimed at establishing a forum for customers, vendors and integrators who want to develop Java object technology for financial applications.
* ChannelWorld
ChannelWorld is DataChannel's research collection, covering core topics like XML, DSSSL, Java, IP multicasting and all the people and organizations that contribute to these subjects.
* Pendragon CaffeineMark
A benchmark applet, written in Java, which produces a score (your system's CaffeineMark) indicating the speed at which your PC runs Java applets.
* Open Financial Exchange Toolkit for Java
The JOFX toolkit from Xenosys Corp. provides an implementation of the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) protocol layer, including OFX request generation, OFX response parsing, and a set of high level Java APIs for developers. JOFX is a part of Xenosys' LiveBusiness Foundation Classes for Java (LBFC) - a set of frameworks, toolkits, libraries, and components for business to business e-commerce, consumer to business e-commerce, internet banking, bill presentation, bill payment, and financial management.
* iButton
The home site for the iButton chips contained in the JavaRings given out at the recent JavaOne'98 conference.
* IBM Daily Grounds
IBM's view and editorial on major Java news items. Interesting, thought provoking, and frequently controversial!
* JSDA Mailing List archive
An archive of the mailing list for JSDA (the Java Shared Data API - formally JSDT the Java Shared Data Toolkit)
* JavaExec - Running command-line programs within Java
The JavaExec package is useful if you have a preexisting command-line program (or command-line interface to a program or to the system) and wish to access that program via Java.
* IBM Systems Journal Vol. 37 No. 3 - Java Technology
The IBM Systems Journal special issue on Java Technology.
* JSIG - City of London Java SIG
JSIG is a Special Interest Group providing a technical forum for Java developers in the City of London.
* The Java European Developer Initiative
The objective of the Java European Developer Initiative, (JEDI) is to bring together the different Java User Groups in Europe into a co-operative union, to facilitate the concept of a "European" voice for all those involved in Java technology, services and development.
* JSIG Mailing list archive
Archive for JSIG - the Java Special Interest Group for the City (of London)
* JarRunner
JarRunner is a cross-platform shell that runs Java applications packaged as JAR archives. With a properly configured host environment, JarRunner allows you to launch a Java application by double clicking on it, just like a native application.
* Java Developers Alliance
Java Developers Alliance is the official worldwide organization of Java User Groups (JUGs).
* Java-Interest Mailing List
The java-interest mailing list is a moderated forum for the discussion of the Java language, often frequented by many "Java bigshots".
* Control browsers from your Java application
With a little platform-specific Java code, you can easily use your system's default browser to display any URL. Instead of purchasing a Java HTML widget for a help system, just use this class to control Netscape or Internet Explorer from Windows or Unix.
* Mailing List archives at JAVA.SUN.COM
The on-line archives of all Sun's Java mailing list at the java.sun.com web site.
* Apache Jakarta Project
The Jakarta Project is an Apache working group dedicated to providing a high quality Java based Servlet and JavaServer Pages implementation for the Apache Web Server.
The Jakarta Project was announced by the Apache developer community and Sun Microsystems, Inc. on the 15th of June, 1999 at JavaOne. It will be composed of members from the current Apache JServ Project, Sun, IBM, and other corporations as well as all interested developers.
* Advanved Swing mailing list archive
Online archive for the Advanced-Swing mailing list.
* Java Filesystem
Filesystem is a Java class which allows you to create, read, write, truncate, and delete data records in a mini-filesystem stored as a single file. If you've ever needed to store a bunch of data records, and didn't want to store them in individual files, but needed some way to at least somewhat efficiently manage the space taken up by deleted records, Filesystem may be for you. The source code is released under the GNU General Public Licence.

Java : Other contributed Java links

See Also:

* Java World Magazine
The best Java online magazine
* Inside Java
Inside Java provides some Java tutorials and examples, as well as Java news and developements.
* Statistic Java Applet
The dynamic simulation for statistic process such as regression.
NOTE: This does not appear to work in Netscape 3.
* Cetus Links Java Page
The Cetus Links are a collection of links to resources about object-orientation. This is the page devoted to Java.
* JavaJobs Online
Post your resume here for Java Jobs for FREE
* Dynamic Simulation of Statistic Process
These applets are designed for the purpose of computer-aided education in the statistic courses. All these Applets will help student learn some abstract statistics concepts easier than before based on the visual simulation process.
* SpotCheck Java program editor
SpotCheck is a language-based editor for the Macintosh that "knows" the Java language - designed to help a Java programmer produce correct code without waiting for the compiler. Identifies syntax errors and semantic errors (undefined names, type mismatches, etc.) normally returned by a compiler, but by performing the analysis after each edit, gives immediate feedback on errors. Other features include: * smart links to name declarations * cross-referenced Java APIs * editing with popup menus * interfaces to helper apps to compile & run * hierarchical project browsing * color-coded syntax A Java-based Windows version is in development.
* Pnuts
Pnuts is a script language for Java environment. It enables interaction with Java environment, simple GUI scripting, and customization for Java programs.
* JavaToys
JavaToys is a development resource center dedicated to providing links to on-line information relevant and useful to the Java developer. Amongst other things you can find a search engine to search local and offsite Java related documents.
* Focus on Java
Useful collection of Java resources with weekly article on current Java-related topics
* InstallAnywhere
InstallAnywhere allows developers to quickly and easily create a single, universal installer that will run on any Java platform, even installing a virtual machine on the client if one isn't available. InstallAnywhere is a complete software distribution and setup solution, producing commercial-quality installers for Java software and traditional platform-specific software as well.
* 4thpass SourceGuard
Built around an innovative user interface, SourceGuard is the complete solution for protecting Java bytecode against reverse engineering. SourceGuard allows developers to have the finest level of control, whether protecting applications, applets, or components. SourceGuard is fully compliant with all versions of JDK bytecode. Additional features include command-line interface, Reflection handling, HTML reports and support for incremental builds.
* Companion to the IDE: RePackager+, Doc+, Import+ and Designer+
A set of Java developer utilities for managing Java namespaces i.e. packages and classes, authoring and editing javadoc comments and an elegant, simple java class object modeling tool.
* Java Glossary
A glossary of Java terms and links to Java resources, companies and tutorials.
* JavaPRO - Java for game-developers
Contains info about AI, 2D, 3D, DirectXj... Also running a popular Obfuscated Java contest.
* Java Resource Centre (Singapore)
The Java Resource Centre (JRC) was formed in February 1999 as a partnership between KRDL, NCB and Sun Microsystems to promote Java technology in Singapore. JRC will license Java technology from Sun Microsystems, carry out joint development with industry and sub-license Java products and applications. The Centre will have early access to Java technologies and serve as a conduit for the transfer of such technologies to the industry.
* Javaesque - Java Users' Group (Singapore)
A non-profit organisation for Java Developers in Singapore. The site also features Java news links.
* JavaSide.com
Various information and links on Java (sources, applets, links, samples, tips,...) A French translation is also available.
* MagicDraw UML modeling tool
MagicDraw is UML tool, suited for OO systems design. It has code generation, reverse engineering, and round-trip functionality. Can read/write Rational Rose .mdl files.
* "Swing"
A good balance of the mechanics of Swing and using it to build complex applications. The book is currently under development and is freely available in Word and HTML format.
* WEBrewery
Resources and tutorials focussing on Java programming for the web.
* jEdit
jEdit is an Open Source programmer's text editor written in Java.
* Java Drag and Drop FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on how to use drag and drop in Java.
Java Mail Server JAMS is a fully functioning, open source, SMTP mail server written entirely in Java. It supports 3rd party plug-ins for mail filtering.
* InstallAnywhere from Zero G Software, Inc.
A multi-platform installation tool for Java-based software. Navigate a user-friendly GUI to automatically install a Java VM, add custom billboards and icons, create multiple install sets, build in up to 29 languages, and more.
* Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, BASIC, JAVA, and other tools for programmers and developers. All files and links are organized in an easy-to-find format.
* Focus on Java
A collection of Java technology resources with weekly article on current Java issues
* JCertify, Certified Java Programmer Exam Training
JCertify is an interactive training product to learn the Java language and prepare for the Certified Java Programmer Examination.
* ColdJava
A website with many useful Java servlets available for download.
* DevX - The Development Exchange
A web site for developers, with zones for many enterprise development subjects such as Java, UML, XML, DHTML, VB, C++. Some material is only available to registered subscribers.
* Java Tutorial From Sun
A very good and the most popular on-line tutorial for Java. Updated every two months with the latest developments in the Java language and APIs.
* ebfServer - Application Server For Your E-Business
ebfServer is a highly scalable, platform independent, multi-threaded Application Server that provides a robust framework for developing enterprise scalable, e-business applications on the internet. ebfServer Professional is distributed for FREE.
* iDevResource - Java
* C# from a Java Developer's Perspective
A comparison of Microsoft's C# (CSharp) programming language with Sun Microsystems' Java programming language. By Dare Obasanjo.
* C# From A Java Developer's Perspective
The C# language is an object-oriented language that is aimed at enabling programmers to quickly build a wide range of applications for the Microsoft .NET platform. The goal of C# and the .NET platform is to shorten development time by freeing the developer from worrying about several low level plumbing issues such as memory management, type safety issues, building low level libraries, array boundschecking , etc. thus allowing developers to actually spend their time and energy working on their application and business logic instead. As a Java developer the previous sentence could be described as "a short description of the Java language and platform" if the words C# and the .NET platform were replaced with words Java and the Java platform. This article is an overview of similarities and differences between the language features and libraries of the C# and Java programming languages based on my experience using both languages.
* Role of Java in the Semantic Web
Many people see the WWW evolving into a more semantic web, better enabling computers and humans to work in cooperation. What exactly is this "Semantic Web" and what role will Java play?

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