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Java : Java Native Methods

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>Java Code Optimization Techniques

* Writing native methods
A step-by-step recipe from JavaWorld for writing and using native methods. Specifically covers the Linux platform, but most of it (except the bit about creating the shared library) is applicable to all platforms.
* Integrating Native Code and Java Programs
This section of Sun's on-line tutorial covering native methods has now been rewritten to cover Java 1.1. Includes both step-by-step instructions and a comprehensive example program.
* Integrating Java with C++
How to use C++ code from within a Java application and how to call from C++ to a Java object.
* Hermetica Native Methods Paper
A paper presented to the UK Java Developer's Conference Paper (Nov-1996) giving a detailed step-by-step discussion of how to use native methods, and some of the inherant problems.
* A Java Native Methods Tutorial
An article from the Java Developers Journal.
* Native Methods
A short tutorial on how to write a native method for a Java class, using the Java Native Interface (JNI) in Java 1.1.
* Java Native Interface (JNI) Programming
Sun's online programming guide for using the Java Native Interface (JNI) facilities in Java 1.1.
* Book: Essential JNI : Java Native Interface
Hands-on coverage of the Java Native Interface facilities in Java 1.1, with lots of good example code.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* JavaSignals
Java Signals is a library which provides support for catching 'signals' thrown by most UNIX type operating systems.
* Some Notes on Using JNI with Linux JDK
A collection of notes by David Dagon describing how to use JNI with JDK117_vla from Blackdown. The instructions are particular to Linux users, but might prove useful to other platforms (particularly other UNIX's).
* The JACOB Project: A Java-COM Bridge
JACOB is an open-source Java-COM Bridge, which allows you to manipulate COM Automation objects from Java using a similar API to the one used by Visual J++.
Because JACOB is written in Java, utilizing JNI, it works in any Java VM that supports JNI on any Win32 platform. This includes Sun's JDK 1.1 and 1.2 (Java 2) as well as the Microsoft IE5 VM, the Netscape 4.5 VM, and many other VM's.
You can obtain both the source and binary distributions at the URL included. The runtime portion is a JAR file and a DLL which together are smaller than 100KB. The source code is a combination of Java and C++ (requires VC6/ATL to compile).
* Dan Adler's Java-COM Resources
I web site documenting some experiences using the MS JVM with COM.

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