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Java : Java Services on NT

How to run a Java program as a proper NT service - ie. starts up when the computer reboots (rather than just when the user logs in), and notified of service events (such as shutdown requests)

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* How to make a Java NT Service
A paper describing step-by-step how to run a Java Server app as an NT service.
* JService
An interesting looking utility program enabling a Java application to run as a Windows NT service, and get notified about service shutdown requests. Includes some example Java services, including a wrapper for ObjectSpace's Voyager server. [Requires Java 1.1.3 or later].
* Invoker
Another utility program to allow a Java application to be run as a proper NT service - including being notified of service start and stop requests. Also provides integration with the NT event log facilities.
* NT Service in Java Example
Another example of how to run a java application as a Windows NT service, this one from Dan Hirpara and using another different method from either JService or Invoker! - Take your pick.
* JSL - Java Service Launcher
JSL is a small NT-Service program written by Michael Roeschter, as a variation of the java launcher which comes with the JDK 1.2. It allows a Java program to run as a service under Window NT 4.0, and provides some java classes which help the programmer in performing an orderly shutdown of the java application when the service is stopped.
* Building an Executable Launcher that Permits Running a Java 1.2 Application as an NT Service
This paper describes building an executable launcher for a Java 1.2 server application that permits self-installation as a Windows NT service. It also shows how to save and retrieve runtime arguments in the Windows registry, invoke the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in a separate thread using the Java Native Interface (JNI) and create a service dependency on the rmiregistry application supplied with the Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE.) Full Win32 C source code for the launcher, Java sources for a sample Java server, and binaries for a working example are provided. Unlike some other solutions, this technique is not dependent on the MS Java SDK, and requires no special modification of the actual Java application.

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