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Java : Java Code Optimization Techniques

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* Optimizing Java code.
Some tips from JavaWorld on how to optimize your Java code. Covers some low-level optimizations without resorting to native methods, and also provides a Benchmark applet to help measure Java's performance.
* Java Optimization
Jonathan Hardwick's notes on how to optimize your Java programs so that they're faster, smaller, and more maintainable. The ultimate Holy Grail of software development!
* Optimizing Java for Maintainability
Some very important guidelines from Jonathan Hardwick on good practices when optimising code to ensure it remains maintainable.
* Optimizing Java for Size
Some techniques for reducing the size of .class files - especially important when writing applets.
* Building High-Performance Applications and Servers in Java
An experiential study by IBM describing techniques for improving the performance of Java code and enabling the development of high-throughput applications and servers in Java. The conclusion and recommendations are available on-line in HTML format, and the full text is available as a PDF document.
* Optimizing Java for Speed
Some more guidelines from Jonathan Hardwick on how to optimise code to ensure it runs fast.
* IBM Systems Journal - Java Performance
The January 2000 issue of IBM Systems Journal focuses on the latest efforts to maximize Java application performance. Articles include:
* Java bytecode: Understanding bytecode makes you a better programmer
This article gives you an understanding of Java bytecode that will enable you to be a better programmer. Java programmers should take the time to understand what the bytecode is, how it works, and most importantly, what bytecode is being generated by the Java compiler. In some cases, the bytecode generated is not what you expect!

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