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Java : Printing with Java

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* Bristol Technology Inc's JPrinter
Details of a product from Bristol Technology Inc. providing a network printing system for Java based on their existing Xprinter technology.
Appears to be the current 'state-of-the-art' for printing in Java v1.0, until we can all move our apps up to Java v1.1.
* JPrint
Details of the JPrint class from Neva Object Technology that provides printing facilities for both Java applets and applications.
Note: This does require MS-Windows specific classes to be installed on the client machine.
* Java 1.1 Printing Examples
Some good examples in Elliotte Rusty Harold's on-line Java course of how to use the new printing facilities in Java 1.1
* Printing from an Applet
Some notes by Brian Modra about how to do printing from a Java 1.1 capable browser, including the security settings in the browser required to allow it to happen.
* Printing on the Java Platform
Sun's home page for Java's prining facilities, particularly from Java 1.2 onwards.
* JDK 1.2 Printing API
The new printing API and facilities to be included in the forthcoming FCS release of Java 1.2.
* Printing Help for Java Developers
A whitepaper from Sun describing the current and future state of printing facilities in the Java core APIs.
* retepPDF
The retepPDF library, written by Peter T Mount, allows any Java Applications and Servlets that is capable of printing to generate PDF (portable Document Format) files.
* Etymon PJ
The Etymon PJ series is open source Java software for parsing, manipulating, and creating Adobe PDF files. It also includes pjscript, a script interpreter for creating and modifying PDF files.
* JAVA-PDF library
A Java library, written by Bruno Lowagie and available under the GNU LGPL license, to generate PDF (portable Document Format) files from Java programs.

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