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Java : Programming Techniques and Methods

Guidelines and techniques on specific programming methods and subjects.
>Parsing with Java
>Printing with Java
>Java Application Installation, Packaging and Shipping
>Java Concurrency and Threads
>Java Code Optimization Techniques
>Java Native Methods

See Also:
>Java AWT and GUI Programming
>Java Development Environments and Tools
>Java FAQ Listings

* Java Programmer's Tips & Tricks
Contains only one topic at the moment, but looks promising.
* Pointer free data structures in Java
How to write data structure classes in Java despite the absence of pointers. Uses binary search trees as an example.
* How to decouple the Observer/Observable object model
How to optimizing the performance of updates to an Observer by decoupling the notification of a message/event from the consumption of that event.
* ThrowDontCatch
A small debate on the idioms of exception handling in Java.
* Observers and Observables
A basic introduction to the Observer class in Java, with some simple straight forward example code to illustrate how it's used.
* printf-like formatting
An implementation of some simple printf-like formatting facilities to provide custom formatting of data values. The page has a nice little demo applet allowing you to see how these facilities can be used and changed dynamically.
* How to Iterator Observers
How to factor out common code and make your Iterators observable to improve code reusability.
* Building dynamically extensible applications
An article discussing how to build programs for dynamic extensiblity, and how to dynamically load code into an executing application.
* Switcher Applet, Dynamically Loaded Code
A switcher applet that dynamically loads either a 1.0 or a 1.1 class at runtime to match the java version supported by the user's browser. This is the recommended way to start delivering applets that require Java 1.1 libraries and facilities.
* Taking out the trash
Understand Java garbage collection system. A technical explanation of some client-side problems for a large-scale Java project, particularly of controlling when garbage collection occurs, and some of the outstanding bugs with the garbage collector.
* CoduGuru - Java
The Java section of the CodeGuru site provides lots of useful code snippets for solving particular problems or performing particular tasks in Java (and especially Swing) programs.
* Create a custom Java 1.2-style ClassLoader
In this JavaWorld article, Ken McCrary outlines the enhancements made to the Java 1.2 ClassLoader and offers tips on customizing your own class-loading mechanism.
* Code generation using Javadoc
Extend Javadoc by creating custom doclets.
Though typically used for code documentation purposes, Javadoc is also suitable as a code generation tool. This JavaWorld article presents a custom doclet that provides a simple, extensible architecture to generate code for SQL schema, and Java and C++ classes from simple Java class definitions.
* Java Generic Delegator
Stu Halloway's Generic Delegator allows you to intercept calls to any Java interface, and to create Dynamic Proxies for Java 1.2.
* Evolving Java-based APIs
This document from the Eclipse Project is about how to evolve Java-based APIs while maintaining compatibility with existing client code.
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