- Java-based Transaction Programming

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Java : Java-based Transaction Programming

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* Sun's Java Transaction Service (JTS) API
The Java Transaction Service (JTS) defines a low-level transaction management specification intended for vendors who provide the transaction system infrastructure required to support application run time environment, through a Java mapping of the OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS).
* Java Transaction Service API specification
javadoc format specification of the JTS API.
* Using TOP END on the Intranet/Internet
This is closer to being a reality than we may think, as the NCR demo is pretty good!
* Headline: Sun To Unveil Java-Based Financial Services Architecture
Today (24-Jun-97) at the Securities Industry Association in NYC, Sun will announce SunConnect, an "industrial strength" Java-based architecture for financial services transactions over the World Wide Web.
* IBM MQSeries Java Programmer's Guide
* OTS/JTS Arjuna
Arjuna is an OTS and JTS compliant system, supporting arbitrarily nested transactions (and nested top-level), with persistence and concurrency control. The system comes with a high-level API which has been developed after several years of user feedback, allowing programmers to be isolated from many of the complex issues of TP development. Advanced features include object replication. The JTS compliant version also features dynamic configuration allowing transactions to be run in the browser if security restrictions permit. Both systems are object-oriented in design and implementation, and are intended to be highly portable: the OTS runs on 7 C++ Orbs, and the JTS runs on 4 Java Orbs.
* JDCE - DCE-related Java classes
Some details of the jDCE product from Chisholm Technologies that has been adopted the the Open Group / OSF as their standard Java class library for accessing DCE facilities from Java applications.
* BEA Announches Object Transaction Server
BEA Systems announced it's BEA M3 product to provide "third-generation middleware" by adding support for reusable "object components" to a transaction server, most notably by supporting Enterprise JavaBeans.
* Java Transaction API (JTA)
Home Page for Sun's Java Transaction API (JTA). Java Transaction API (JTA) defines a high-level transaction management specification intended for resource managers and transactional applications in distributed transaction systems through a Java mapping of the industry standard X/Open XA interface.
* The state of Java application middleware
In this article, Cliff Berg reveals the current state of Java middleware. He compares the many categories of products, explains the various features, and discusses how -- and to what degree -- these features actually are supported. The author details new APIs, including Enterprise JavaBeans, the Java Transaction API, and JDBC2, in the context of current and anticipated Java middleware. Finally, he explains the role of application servers and compares them with other kinds of Java middleware.
* Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.2 Specification
The specification provides a detailed definition of the technical standards for J2EE. Topics covered include security, deployment, transaction management, naming, interoperability, and supporting APIs.
* JOTM (Java Open Transaction Manager)
The JOTM (Java Open Transaction Manager) project from the guys at ObjectWeb is an open transaction manager that implements the XA protocol and is complies with the JTA APIs. JOTM works with a variety of ORBs such as RMI/JRMP, JEREMIE, DAVID (RMI/IIOP). The project aims at delivering adaptable software that can be used in a wide range of use case involving transaction management. In particular they are currently looking at covering transaction models such as flat, CNT, ONT, BTP and transaction standards including JTA, JTS, OTS.
* Bourgogne Transactions - advanced transactions in JOnAS
Bourgogne Transactions provide support for long-lived transactional computations and cooperation among transactions. In Bourgogne Transactions, a wide range of advanced transaction models can be employed thanks to newly introduced advanced transaction primitives that cover establishing flow control dependencies among transactions, sharing beans among transactions, and delegation of beans from one transaction to another.

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