- Make, Version Control and Configuration Management for Java

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Java : Make, Version Control and Configuration Management for Java

See Also:
>Java Application Installation, Packaging and Shipping

* Using the Netscape Java Console
Some great tips from JavaWorld on undocumented facilities of the Java Console in Netscape Navigator, and especially how to use this to decide on the optimal contents of an ARCHIVE file to improve applet download time.
* Java Class Spider
A Java application and applet publishing tool to simplify the use of packages. Recursively collects all non-core classes used by an app ready for compressing into the distribution file. (Requires MS Java)
* gmake Makefiles for Java: win95 and Unix
* Modular System Building with Java Packages
A research paper from the 8th Conference on Software Engineering Environments investigating the suitability of the package construct in Java as a system structuring mechanism. In particular, talks about the versioning of packages for use in a persistent storage environment.
* Java Package Management and Code Download
Provides an introduction to the Microsoft Java Package Manager (JPM) included in Microsoft's Java SDK v2.0 and outlines the package management and code download services for Java applets includes in Internet Explorer 4.0.
Obviously non-portable, but some useful concepts, and highly interesting and useful if you are developing Intranet applets targeted at the IE4 browser.
* MoaJar -- a JAR Utility and API
A GUI utility for editing JAR files to add, remove, extract or rename a file in the JAR, change the JAR manifest details, or manipulate a serialized object in the JAR. The underlying API libraries that the MoaJar utility are also available.
The main server appears to be off-line, but there appears to be an old copy of MoaJar here
* Compress.java
An example from Java Examples in a Nutshell published by O'Reilly showing how to use the java.util.zip classes in Java 1.1 - very useful as the basis of an zip file builder for make scripts.
* Java Product Versioning Specification
Description and specification document for the package versioning facilities included in Java 1.2.
* JavaDepend
A makefile dependency graph generator for Java 1.1 source files similar to makedepend on UNIX systems. (Requires JGL by ObjectSpace to run.)
* PolarDoc
A Java API documentation generator like javadoc, but producing much neater output and able to handle a larger number of packages and files.
* PreEmptive's DashO-Pro Java Packaging System
In interesting new up-and-coming product that is a Java code optimizer that also does obfuscation and compression for production release code. Takes normal Java class files built by any Java compiler as input and outputs processed class files for distribution. Still in a (free download) "pre-Beta" release stage { remember when that used to be called "Alpha Release" ??? ;-) } so it's one to watch for now, rather than using it on all your production systems just yet!
* Java Package Tutorial
A Java Package tutorial, providing examples of importing classes from existing Java Packages, creating new Java Packages and adding to existing Java Packages.
* Java Package Quick Reference
A brief reference on how to build and use Java packages.
* Java Code Engineering & Reverse Engineering
A huge list of links on Java Class Parsers, Viewers, Editors & Navigators, Disassemblers, Compilers, Decompilers, Shrinkers, Obfuscators, Zippers, Installers, Unobfuscators, and Assemblers.
* JavaSafe
Sun have "announced" JavaSafe, an RCS-based multi-user source control system. Not only does it manage your source code, binaries, and executables, it handles all your Web-related code including binary files, Java technology applets and associated source code, pictures, CGI and HTML code. and even manage memos, notes, and documentation, so that all the project-related documents can be held in the same control system. Noting the URL, it looks like "vapour-ware" still, but is seems to hold some promise.
* RePackager+
An interesting looking product from WoodenChair Software [who dreams up these company names these days??? ;-) ] to help with the rather tedious task of managing the package structure of a Java program or class library by automatically renaming package structures, organizing import statements and placing source code in a proper directory structure.
* Atlanta Java Consortium Reuseables Archive
Some code written by members of the Atlanta Java Consortium. Contents include:
* Java Development On NetBSD
More notes on how to use make on UNIX (NetBSD) to compile Java programs, and build jar files.
* Package-Level Doc Comments
A new facility in the javadoc tool in JDK 1.2 for providing package-level documenation and a package summary sentence. Should allow the facility to have a single "programmers guide" overview to using a Java package without having to delve into the detailed class docs, and all generated automatically by javadoc.
* Krysalis Centipede
Krysalis Centipede is a template for a software module; gives you build with Ant and Site+Documentation with Apache Cocoon. Centipede is a starter project, empty in many respects, but has a decent and standardized Ant build file, and some xdocs that render to HTML using Cocoon. A developer would take Centipede and use it to start development. After starting, the build file would evolve as the developer see fit and move away from the Centipede starting point.

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