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Java Beans - Sun's component and object infrascructure framework for Java.

Always portrayed as the "arch-enemy" of ActiveX, but things are probably not quite that clear cut in practice!

Don't forget that JavaBeans is now officially part of the Java v1.1 language release.

Check the Java page for more information on Java programming topics.

>The Main Java Beans Sites
>JavaBeans On-line Documentation and Specifications
>EJB - Enterprise Java Beans
 - The server side component architecture for Java. Now being widely adopted in Application Servers everywhere.
>JavaBeans Tutorials
>JavaBeans InfoBus
 - The architecture currently being specified to allow JavaBeans to communicate with each other more easily and in a more structured manner.
>Other JavaBeans Articles and Papers
>Microsoft's ActiveX component framework
 - (aka OLE2, aka COM, aka COM+, .....)
Like it or not (and we are not taking any particular sides here!), ActiveX is part of the current discussion and evolution of component architectures, so everyone needs to know a bit about it.

As Microsoft has now rebadged ActiveX as "COM middleware" you probably want to check the COM/DCOM section of our Middleware category.

>Other related JavaBeans documents

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