- Microsoft's ActiveX component framework

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JavaBeans : Microsoft's ActiveX component framework

(aka OLE2, aka COM, aka COM+, .....)
Like it or not (and we are not taking any particular sides here!), ActiveX is part of the current discussion and evolution of component architectures, so everyone needs to know a bit about it.

As Microsoft has now rebadged ActiveX as "COM middleware" you probably want to check the COM/DCOM section of our Middleware category.

See Also:
>DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model
>Windows NT

* Microsoft's ActiveX Home Page
First rebadged as "COM", and then "Windows DNA".
Sigh. Just when we thought we had all got a handle on what ActiveX was/is!
* ActiveX Controls Overview
What an ActiveX control is, why you might be interested in using controls, and how you can start writing your own controls.
Including (ActiveX) COM Tutorial Samples
* ActiveX FAQ
Microsoft's Frequently Asked Questions list about ActiveX.
Note: Now requires MSDN Online Membership to access!
* JavaBeans vs. ActiveX: Strategic analysis
An article from JavaWorld online magazine looking at the strategic implications of the JavaBeans vs. ActiveX "debate".
* The JavaBeans ActiveX bridge
Who said the "battle" between JavaBeans and ActiveX was clear cut?
This is Sun's software tools to link JavaBeans to ActiveX (and vise versa), including the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX and the JavaBeans Migration Assistant for ActiveX.
Sun have even invented a new phrase - "JavaBeans - The only component architecture for Java". No bias there!
* Jintegra COM-Java bridge
Jintegra is a commercial bi-directional COM-Java bridging tool allowing pure-Java programs to access ActiveX objects, and vise versa. Provides authenticated access to both local and remote ActiveX components using DCOM.
The product pricing scheme is clearly aimed at "Enterprise Applications" (!), but if you really need this functionality I guess that will not be a problem!
* Making JavaBeans look like ActiveX controls
Learn how to make your JavaBeans available to Windows programmers as ActiveX controls using tools from Sun and Microsoft.

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