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JavaBeans : Other JavaBeans Articles and Papers

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>JavaBeans Tutorials

* Introduction to JavaBeans by Java Developer's Journal
* Introduction to JavaBeans by Byte magazine
* Introduction to JavaBeans by PC Magazine
* Java World on-line magazine
News and technical articles about happenings in the Java programming language world.
The major source of Java development articles. JavaWorld always carries lots of very detailed and practical articles about Java programming, including lots on Java Beans.
A good place to start is the Index by Topics.
* Controlling bean customization
A JavaWorld article describing how to control the design-time customization of Java Beans.
* Building a bevy of beans: Create reusable JavaBeans components
A very good JavaWorld article demonstrating how to focus your Java Beans development to producing truly reusable components. In two parts: Part 1 and Part 2
* Freeze-dried JavaBeans
How to use object serialization and reinstantiation for bean persistence.
* Object versions for JavaBeans
How to use object versioning to safely change or update existing JavaBean classes while maintaining compatibility with previously-written serialized JavaBeans files.
* Turn existing Java classes into JavaBeans
How "beanify" an existing class and turn it into a JavaBean - It's remarkably easy!
* Coins: Tightly Coupled JavaBeans and XML Elements
A coin has two faces, an XML element and an instance of a JavaBean: the XML element is the persistent form, and the JavaBean instance is the runtime form. An interesting idea for the integration of two hot emerging technologies.
* Jumping Beans
Jumping Beans is a software framework that allows a developer to mobilize a Java application. The mobilized Java application can then move from one host to another during its lifetime. The mobilized software moves from host to host along with all of its essential information, including the executable, data, state, and resources, so it can move to and execute on hosts that did not have the application previously installed. Originated with the concept of "Shippable Places" introduced by Robert Orfali and Dan Harkey in their book "Client/Server Programming in Java and CORBA", second edition.
* Build a Browser in Less Than an Hour
A look at how to use Sun's HotJava HTML Bean to build a web browser application. Provides a good example of the steps involved in integrating and customising a third-party JavaBean into your own app.
* To Bean or Not to Bean
The text of an e-mail debate between Mark Balbes, Mark Johnson, and Bill Venners during April 1998, attempting to answer the questions: "How do you know when to make a class into a JavaBean?" and, "Should all classes be JavaBeans?"
* Generating Event Listeners Dynamically
ActionListeners are used to add behavior to nearly all of the Swing GUI controls -- and the anonymous classes that JavaBeans architecture components use to implement event listeners have been accused of consuming more class file space than they should. This Swing Connection article offers some suggestions that will come in handy for developers of IDEs and other kinds of applications that generate listeners for Swing or AWT.
* Long-Term Persistence for JavaBeans
A new persistence model for Swing that would allow Swing user interfaces to be "serialized" as XML documents. The supporting archiver library only works with JDK 1.3, but this article clearly indicates the direction future Java persistence is heading in.

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