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JavaBeans : JavaBeans On-line Documentation and Specifications

See Also:

* Sun's JavaBeans Documentation Page
* The JavaBeans "Glasgow" Draft Specifications
Glasgow was the code-name for the release of the JavaBeans component model specification as part of Java 2. It provides developers with a standard means to create more sophisticated JavaBeans components and applications that offer more seamless integration with their runtime environment (i.e., desktop, web browser, etc.).
Glasgow adds three new capabilities to the JavaBeans component model:
* Tool Compliance in JavaBeans 1.0
Some notes on the core requirements of what any builder tool should do in order to comply with the JavaBeans architecture.
* Java Beans Coding Guidelines
IBM's coding guidelines and standards for Java Beans writers.
* JavaBeans under JDK 1.0.2
How to develop "transitional Beans" for deploy in a Java 1.0.2 environment - such as most of the browsers at the moment!

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