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JavaBeans : JavaBeans InfoBus

The architecture currently being specified to allow JavaBeans to communicate with each other more easily and in a more structured manner.

See Also:

* JavaBeans "InfoBus" Specification
The first draft of the JavaBeans InfoBus specification available for public review before 23-Aug-1997.
InfoBus provides a set of APIs for dynamic data interchange between JavaBeans. It allows some beans to act as data producers and other beans to act as data consumers. Beans can exchange structured data, including arrays, tables, and database rowsets.
* The Kona InfoBus Technology Brief
A description of Lotus' InfoBus dynamic data interchange architecture which Sun are adopting into the JavaBeans architecture as the standard for information sharing and transfer among JavaBeans.
Provides an overview of the InfoBus architecture, and a few Q&A's
* JBus - InfoBus implementation
An implementation of the early draft InfoBus specification version 0.04A by Don Park.
(Binary distribution only - no source code except for the main program - requires JDK 1.1)
The demo seems to work, although the real power and implications of this new infrastructure may take some thinking about -- try looking at the TIB for some pointers and background. None the less, a useful resource to watch.
* Bean Connect
A whitepaper from Netscape on a scheme for using Java objects to implement crossware programs - a new proposal for how Java applets / beans can communicate and cooporate with each other and with JavaScript code in a web browser. I guess this will be Netscape Communicator 5.0?
* The T-Bone
A system that allows you to connect arbitrary JavaBeans which reside on different machines. Ideal for remote monitoring, remote control, push-casting applications, stock tickers, chat rooms, etc. "Free for all uses"
* T-Bone Vs. Infobus
A comparison by Joel Crisp between The T-Bone and the Lotus InfoBus systems.

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