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JavaBeans : The Main Java Beans Sites

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>EJB - Enterprise Java Beans

* Sun's JavaBeans Home Page
The official home of JavaBeans on the Internet.
* JavaBeans FAQ
The official Sun JavaBeans FAQ, with lots of questions about JavaBeans to/from ActiveX integration.
* Download the Beans Development Kit (BDK)
* Sun's JavaBeans Advisor Page
Sun's JavaBeans Advisor page, with information about the way JavaBeans development is progressing, and useful guidelines for ensuring your Beans are fully portable and compatible with future versions of the JavaBeans architecture.
* The JavaBeans Directory
Sun's central directory of JavaBeans components available from companies around the world. You can also apply to get your own JavaBean product added to the directory listing.
* Book: Developing JavaBeans
by Robert Englander. One of the better books around at the moment about the Java Beans component architecture. Describes how to write full featured Java Beans using event adapters, serialization, introspection, property editors, and customizers.
NOTE: You will need to read the Errata if you want to try out the source code examples in the book, or download the electronic copy of the example code.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.

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