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JavaBeans : Other related JavaBeans documents

vOther contributed JavaBeans links

See Also:

* Cetus Links : Distributed Objects: JavaBeans
* A walking tour of JavaBeans
What JavaBeans is (are?), how they works, and why you want to use them.
* IBM alphaBeans web site
alphaBeans includes a variety of freely available Java beans written by IBM that can be used to develop Java applets or applications.
* The Future of Application Development
"The Future of Application Development is impossible to predict with any significant length or accuracy. Thus the only way one can prepare for it is to: 1. Adopt Best Practices and Best Technologies possible now. 2. Accommodate anticipated changes. 3. Insulate yourself from unanticipated changes." A paper by Jack Harich describing how parameter driven components can be assembled into an existing infrastructure using a concept of "Structured Assembly", with a practical example being a "Bean Assembler".
* Book: JavaBeans Power Guide
by Elliotte Rusty Harold. A concise but complete guide to Java Beans for hardcore corporate developers. This book offers detailed coverage of the JavaBeans architecture and the other technologies essential to component software, such as CORBA, ActiveX, and OpenDoc.
Recommended by JavaWorld magazine.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.

JavaBeans : Other contributed JavaBeans links

See Also:

* Overview of Tengah Enterprise JavaBeans
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a component architecture for building distributed, object-oriented business applications in Java. This whitepaper describes the features of webLogic's implementation of the JavaSoft EJB specification (version 0.8), and discusses the benefits of using Tengah EJB.
* Flashline.com--JavaBeans Marketplace
The marketplace to research, buy and sell JavaBeans components and development tools online. Choose from hundreds of JavaBeans from developers and companies worldwide.
Developers of PEERNET IBeans, the first 100% JavaBean-compliant image management and auto ID tools for Java application development. Cross-platform linear and 2D barcoding technologies a specialty.
* Proton.EJB : An Enterprise JavaBeans Application Server
Proton.EJB is a Java Application Server based on the EJB component architecture. Proton.EJB is a complete system for developing, testing, deploying and managing applications written using Enterprise JavaBeans.
* New JavaBeans technologies from IBM
New JavaBeans technologies from IBM. More than 250 JavaBeans components for different domain areas: TCP/IP, Image processing, XML, GUI and special hardware.
* Flashline.com The Software Component Marketplace
Flashline.com is the leading software component marketplace. It is a leading resource for developers to research, buy, and sell JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, COM, and CORBA components and development tools.
* BeanLint: A JavaBeans troubleshooting tool
BeanLint is a tool that analyzes class files in order to point out some of the problems that can prevent Java class files from operating as JavaBeans.

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