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Internet Communications : DNS - Domain Name Server

vInterNic domain registration

See Also:
^Internet Communications
>LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

* Guide to the DNS System
General overview of the DNS system, what it is, and how it does what it does.
* RFC-1035 - Domain Names - Implementation and Specification
A version of RFC-1035 (the guiding spec for DNS's) converted by HTML by Russell Nelson.
Please note the caveat that "however much easier it is to read on the web than the plain-ASCII RFC1035.TXT, this document should not be regarded as authoritative", although it is believed to be an error-free conversion.
* DNS FAQ - Setting up a basic DNS server for a domain
* DNS resources directory
List of DNS information and tools.
* DNS Tools
Links to a collection of tools for querying and checking DNS settings, including DLint.
* comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains Frequently Asked Questions
The (unofficial) FAQ for the comp.protocols.tcp-ip.domains news group.
* The Bind Home Page
Home page for the Bind (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) reference implementation at the Internet Software Consortium.
* Source code releases of BIND
The official reference implementations of BIND available in source code format from ISC.
* BOG - Bind Operations Guide
Name Server Operations Guide for BIND release 4.9.4.
* Internet Query Tools
Tool to perform lookup of DNS information.
* RFC-1536 - Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested Fixes
* NameSurfer
NameSurfer is a commercial product for Internet and Intranet DNS administration, providing a web browser user interface to perform the different tasks of DNS administration.

Internet Communications : InterNic domain registration

See Also:
^Internet Communications

* InterNIC Home Page
* InterNIC Registration Services
* InterNIC domain template
Template for changes to .COM .ORG or .NET domain details.
* InterNIC contact template
Template for changes to IntenNIC contacts.
* InterNIC: Web-Based Registration Tracking
Interface to track the current status of a DNS change submitted to InterNIC (for .COM .ORG or .NET domains)
The UK Network Information Centre for registering domain name in the .uk TLD .
* Internet Query Tools
Tool to perform lookup of DNS information.

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