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Internet Communications : TCP/IP - Internet Communications

The communications protocol of the Internet.
Covers IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, and any other *P acronym we forgot to mention!
IP name services are covered in the DNS section.
Specific application protocols are covered in their own sections, such as HTTP and SMTP.
>HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
>SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and sendmail
>DNS - Domain Name Server

See Also:
^Internet Communications
>Network and Server Security

* ARP Introduction
An overview of the ARP (address resolution protocol) used by TCP/IP networks.
* Subnet Addressing
An online tutorial from UnixWorld magazine on how to set up Subnet Addressing on TCP/IP networks.
* BXPP: 'HTTP on steroids' to ease protocol work
The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BXXP) is the brainchild of Marshall Rose, an expert on network management, messaging and directory services, who helped write several key Internet standards including Post Office Protocol 3, Simple Message Transfer Protocol and SNMP. Rose's latest creation is a general-purpose framework for creating Internet applications protocols that serve as an alternative to the aging HTTP used for Web browsing. This article from Network World Fusion News explains all.
* Network Time Synchronization Project Home Page
The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used in the Internet to synchronize computer clocks to national standard time. The NTP architecture, protocol and algorithms have evolved over almost two decades to the NTP Version 3 specification and implementations for Unix, VMS and Windows, as well as the NTP Version 4 implementation now in development. The architecture and security models provide for operation in point-to-point (unicast) and point-to-multipoint (multicast) modes, and include provisions for secure authentication using both symmetric key and public key cryptography.
* Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Some advice on configuring your networking connection on a Cable Modem or DSL line. Covers such things as connection speed, security, privacy, and modem equipment guides.
* DSL-Reports - Tweak Tester
Tweak your broadband connection for maximum performance.
Your PC may not be setup properly to take full advantage of broadband speeds. Modifying your configuration to maximise performance is known as tweaking. This web site provides an online tool for analysing your network connection speed, and recommends suitable tweaks to be applied.
Tweaking may fix:
* DSL-Reports - Broadband Tests and Tools
A range of tools for testing your broadband connection status and speed.

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