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World and Web News : Other related World and Web News documents

vOther contributed World and Web News links

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* go2business Company Research
A simple and free way to get stock quotes, price history and company news from and U.S. quoted company.
* Recent Dilberts - the last 7 days
A little script by Randal L. Schwartz from his column in Web Techniques magazine that creates a composition of recent Dilbert cartoon strips.
* BusinessWire
Business Wire is a leading source of news on major US corporations, including Fortune 1000 and NASDAQ companies. We electronically disseminate full-text news releases for public and investor relations professionals simultaneously to the news media, on-line services and databases, the Internet and the investment community worldwide.
* PR NewsWire
A major source of on-line press releases.

World and Web News : Other contributed World and Web News links

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* Microcontent News
An online magazine about the microcontent sector: weblogs, webzines, email digests, and personal publishing. Also covers how weblogs combine to form the Blogosphere, plus the business side of microcontent, including text-based microads and corporate blogging.
* TGN - The Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
The TGN is a structured vocabulary containing around 1,000,000 names and other information about places. The TGN includes all continents and nations of the modern political world, as well as historical places. It includes physical features and administrative entities, such as cities and nations. The emphasis in TGN is on places important for art and architecture.
The focus of each TGN record is a place, represented by a unique numeric ID in the database. Linked to the record for the place are names, a "parent" or position in the hierarchy, other relationships, geographic coordinates, notes, sources for the data, and "place types," which are terms describing the role of the place (e.g., "inhabited place" and "state capital"). Names for any place can include the vernacular, English, other languages, historical names, natural order, and inverted order. Among these names, one is flagged as the preferred name, or "descriptor."

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