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World and Web News : Usenet News Groups

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* DejaNews
A searchable archive of usenet news groups.
* List of USENET FAQs
Directory of news group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents.
Check these before posting a message to any news group.
* Newsgroup creation companion
A guide to the steps involved in creating a new USENET news group.
* Newsgroup naming guidelines
Guidelines on the naming of new USENET news groups.
* How to create an ALT.* Newsgroup
FAQ and Guidelines on creating an alt.* USENET news groups.
* How to create a good USENET newsgroup message
Some guidelines about writing usenet news messages.
* The Natural Life Cycle of Mailing Lists
* Usenet FAQs in Hypertext
An archive containing Usenet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings in Hypertext format. Also has full search facilities.
* Usenet References
A useful general start point for anyone "Lost in Usenet Land".
* Trim Your Posts
A pattern by Brad Appleton for considerate electronic correspondence for Usenet and electronic mail. The pattern itself is dead serious, but the example given is quite humorous.

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