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Client-side Scripting

Client-side scripting - JavaScript / JScript, VBScript and TCL/Tk.

While the current "war" continues over the use and standardisation of browser scripting languages, we will try to keep track of all the current "runners" in the race!

Coverage of Perl and CGI scripting is in our Web Development pages

>Browser Scripting Object Models
 - Details and documentation of the all important event and object models that you need to understand and use to write full-feature scripts.
>Dynamic HTML
>JavaScript and JScript
 - Netscape's JavaScript language, and Microsoft's rival JScript implementation.
Try the Java page if you need a *real* programming language :->
 - Microsoft's "Visual Basic, Scripting Edition", to give its full title.
A cut down version of the Visual Basic language for the Internet Explorer browser.
>Tcl / Tk
 - The Tool Command Language (Tcl) and GUI Toolkit (Tk) extensively available on a wide range of platforms for 6 years is now being adapted by Sun Microsystems for use in Web Browsers.
Currently available as a Plug-in for the Netscape (and hence MS Internet Explorer) browsers.

Try the link to some of the Sun demos below for some examples of why TCL could possibly become the client side scripting language for the web!

>PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
 - PHP is a server-side scripting technology for building dynamic web pages.
>Other related Client-side Scripting documents

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