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Client-side Scripting : JavaScript Example Code

Sample code and examples using JavaScript.

See Also:
^JavaScript and JScript
>JavaScript Tutorials

* Six Cut-and-Paste JavaScripts for your Web pages
Including the "infamous" scrolling status bar banner script (yuk!), although this version is actually quite good because it has buttons to start and stop the banner!
Even more useful is discussion of how to detect different browsers and versions using JavaScript, and possibly performing different actions based on the results.
* Four more cut-and-paste JavaScript applications
4 more cut-and-paste JavaScript applications. A rotating banner advert, Manipulating Netscape plug-ins, Easy selection, a simple Price calculator and Frequently asked questions, including why some JavaScript won't work in Internet Explorer.
* Five more Cut-and-Paste JavaScript examples
Another set of JavaScript examples from NetscapeWorld magazine, covering Browser Manipulation, Dynamic HTML pages, Image maps, Actions based on the current date, and how to terminate recursive functions (eg. stopping a scrolling banner message).
Also includes more discussions of Netscape JavaScript and Microsoft JScript incompatibilities.
* Examples from 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide'
An online collection of most of the examples from the O'Reilly book 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' .
* onMouseOver guide
A simple tutorial on how to do "mouseOver" highlighting in plain old JavaScript.
* How to create new JavaScript Objects
The section of the Netscape JavaScript guide explaining how to create user-defined object types.
* Browser Compatibility
How to use object detection for more reliable browser compatibility routines. Learn how to check if a specific object or method exists, and how to act accordingly.
* DHTML Tree Scriptlet Tutorial
A tutorial describing how to make an object-oriented reusable tree scriptlet using Dynamic Html and Javascript. (Requires IE4 to access / run)
* Determining Browser Type and Version with JavaScript
* Advanced JavaScript windowing -- Self-closing popups
How to build multi-window web site pages that are "user friendly" - ie. they close themselves when the user leaves the site. Includes cut-and-paste JavaScript code for windowed UIs that can run in both Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* Advanced JavaScript windowing -- part two: Kiosk popups
A look at how to do "kiosk popups" - a popup window that is fully functional irrespective of whether the main browser window remains open.
* Using JavaScript event handlers
An introduction to JavaScript event handler functions onMouseOver, onMouseOut, and onClick, and some of the basic (and not so basic!) things that can be done with them.
* JavaScript Date Object Techniques
A look at the facilities provided by the Date object in JavaScript.
* The JavaScript Menu Component
Creating Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML Menus. A JavaScript Menu component providing a user- and developer-friendly way to build easily customized, floating menus made up of pure, cross-browser Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and object-oriented JavaScript for v4 browsers.

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