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Client-side Scripting : JavaScript Language

See Also:
^JavaScript and JScript

* JavaScript documentation for Netscape Navigator v3.0
The "official" specification of the JavaScript Language.
* Microsoft's JScript Home Page
Microsoft's implementation of the JavaScript language.
* Netscape Navigator v2.0 Handbook and Javascript v1.0
Documentation for Netscape Navigator v2.0 and the Javascript v1.0 language, for those times you need to check compatibility and differences from Netscape v2.0 to Netscape v3.0.
* (Unofficial) List of current JavaScript bugs
* What's New in JavaScript 1.2
Describes the changes and new features for JavaScript in Netscape Navigator 4.0.
* What's New in Microsoft JScript 3.0
* Netscape 4.0 HTML Tag Reference
A complete reference guide to Netscape HTML tags, and the attributes, properties, and event handler hooks that can be used from JavaScript. Also includes a glossary of tags and a visual list of supported colors.
* JavaScript Guide
Describes the core JavaScript language and extensions to that language for use with a web browser. Covers JavaScript 1.2 features, as present in the Netscape 4.0 browser.
* JavaScript Reference
A reference manual for the JavaScript language, including objects in the core language and both client-side and server-side extensions.

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