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Client-side Scripting : Other related Client-side Scripting documents

vOther contributed Client-side Scripting links

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^Client-side Scripting

* Scripting: Higher Level Programming for the 21st Century
A paper by John Ousterhout (the inventor of Tcl) on the differences between scripting and system programming. An interesting comparison of the major computing languages, and their relationships to each other. Demonstrates how very rapid development for certain types of application is possible using an appropriate script language.
* Internet Explorer 4.0 Power Toys
Some neat little "extras" from Microsoft for IE4 power users to provide some new "must have" facilities.
NOTE: These are unsupported so you use them at your own risk - DON'T DO IT if your IE4 installation is causing problems!
* Adding to the Internet Explorer 4.0 Standard Context Menus
The details of how the IE4 Power Toys integrate themselves into the browser's right-click "context menu". The examples show how to link JavaScript functions to the right-click menu!
* Scripting News
News on scripting languages and technologies.

Client-side Scripting : Other contributed Client-side Scripting links

See Also:
^Client-side Scripting

* Templet 3.0: A Scripting Language for the Web
An overview of Templet 3.0, a text processing programming language especially useful as a server-side scripting language for generating HTML.
* WinScripter
Windows Scripting Host using JScript. Many examples and articles.
* irt.org
Home of the JavaScript FAQ
* CobolScript
CobolScript is a COBOL-like interpreted language with specialized syntax for file processing, CGI programming, and internetworking. CobolScript also has a wide range of advanced math and business functions available to facilitate quick and easy calculating.
* RAVScript
RAVScript is designed as a procedural alternative to XSLT for XML to XML transformations. It is targeted at people with basic programming experience who want to cut down on the time spent on learning and using XSLT.
It has similar syntax to Java (it is based on BeanShell), with some extensions to make transformations as easy as XSLT.
Like XSLT, RAVScript uses XPath for selection of Nodes from the input. But RAVScript differs from XSLT in other ways.
It does not use a declarative template style like XSLT. Rather, it uses a procedural approach familiar to programmars.
Java syntax is used for looping, conditions and flow control, so there is no need to learn all the control keywords in XSLT.
RAVScript has full access to Java objects using BeanShell's 'import' statements, so you can readily integrate existing or new code. You can also define local methods, so there is no need to use extensions as in XSLT.

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