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Client-side Scripting : Tcl / Tk

The Tool Command Language (Tcl) and GUI Toolkit (Tk) extensively available on a wide range of platforms for 6 years is now being adapted by Sun Microsystems for use in Web Browsers.
Currently available as a Plug-in for the Netscape (and hence MS Internet Explorer) browsers.

Try the link to some of the Sun demos below for some examples of why TCL could possibly become the client side scripting language for the web!

See Also:
^Client-side Scripting

* Tcl - An Internet scripting language
Sun's feature on the TCL / Tk language
* Download Tcl development kit and runtime interpreter
* Download the Tcl Plugin for browsers
Required to run Tclet's and the Sun demos below.
* Sun's Tcl plugin and application demos
Try these once you have the plugin installed!
* An index of Sun's Tclet Demos
* Tcl syntax
* Tcl security
* Tcl/Tk online manual pages
* Book: Practical Programming in TCL + Tk
The second edition of Brent Welch's book which covers Tcl v7.6 and Tk v4.2 and is being revised and updated to cover the new facilities in Tcl/Tk v8.0.
Features many of the most interesting chapters online, including Socket programming and Safe Tcl.
There is also a full table of contents with several excepts of a few selected chapters, example source code and TWO(!) errata: 1 and 2 available online.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Book: TCL and the Tk Toolkit
by John K. Ousterhout - the creator of the TCl and Tk languages. Also covers the methods of extending the TCL language by adding your own commands to TCL, and linking TCL programs to and from C programs.
Buy it TODAY from Amazon Worldwide/U.S.A. or U.K.
* Tcl Programming Idioms
by Nat Pryce. A collection of idioms for programming in the Tcl language, described as design patterns for Data-as-Code, Glue code, and Configuration Scripting.
* TCL GD Graphics Library
Provides a simple Tcl interface to the gd (GIF drawing) package. More useful for server-side TCL programs than client-side TCL, but who's counting?
* NewsFlash: Sun launches SunScript division to promote Tcl/Tk scripting
Sun has announced the formation of the SunScript Division to develop and promote scripting using the Tcl language.
Planned products include an integrated development environment for Tcl and a suite of products that link Tcl with Web and Java technologies.
We did say it wasn't just a two horse race!
* NEOSOFT Tcl Entry Point
The Home Page for the Official Tcl/Tk Contributed Sources Archive.
* What is TCL ?
* comp.lang.tcl FAQ launcher
* Tcl / Tk Information Site
* TCL Pro - An IDE for TCL
Tcl Pro (due in September from the company set up by John Ousterhout) is an IDE and set of developer tools for the TCL language, include all the usual IDE features such as an editor and integrated debugger. The company is also working on integrating Tcl with component models, such as the CORBA, COM, and Java. Watch this space!
* An Introduction to Tcl and Tk
A UnixWorld article on the Tcl language and the Tk windowing toolkit, showing how they can be used to add command scripts and user interfaces to both standalone tools and applications.
* Tuba
Tuba is a debugger for Tcl/Tk programs, aiming to provide a debugging environment similar to traditional source level debuggers for other languages.
* Visual Tcl
Visual Tcl is a freely-available Tcl/Tk application development environment for UNIX, Windows, Macintosh and AS400 platforms.

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