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* Adobe Postscript and Printing Technologies Home Page
* Adobe Postscript Overview
An overview of the Adobe Postscript page description language used in most high-end printers.
* Adobe Postscript whitepapers index
* A First Guide to Postscript
A simple introduction to programming in the PostScript page description language from Adobe. Covers only a subset of PostScript Level 1 (the earliest version), but the code samples should run fine on any Level 2 or Level 3 capable printer. Does not cover any advanced printing concepts like color separations or halftone screens, but do you really expect this level of details in a "First Guide" ;-)
* Standard Postscript Fonts
The names of the 35 standard Postscript fonts.
* Net Distiller
A free service provided by Andy Babinszki - it's a server which runs Adobe's Acrobat Distiller 24 hours a day. You can put postscript documents into one directory on the server (using FTP) and pick up the resulting Acrobat Portable Document Format file (PDF) in another. The service also has some privacy facilities built in so your personal documents will not be visible to the whole 'net.
* Adobe Portable Document Format Reference Manual
The definitive specification and reference document on Portable Document Format - from Adobe. Of course, the spec document you can download is in PDF format!!
* PDF Zone
A major resource for PDF (Portable Docuement Format) information.

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