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Servers : The GNU Project

Remembering that "GNU's Not Unix", we had to give it a separate section!

See Also:

* GNU's Not UNIX!
The Home Page for the GNU project of the Free Software Foundation.
* GNU Coding Standards
Coding standards for the GNU Project - a guide to writing portable, robust and reliable programs. Focuses on programs written in C, but many of the rules and principles are useful even if you write in another programming language.
* GNU primary ftp Server
The primary ftp for the GNU archives.
* GNU Program Index
A list of what package each GNU program or library is in. Also available in a version from the GNU ftp server.
* GNU's Bulletin
The GNU's Bulletin is the semi-annual newsletter of the Free Software Foundation, bringing you news about the GNU Project.
* GNU Make Utility
Online documentation and guide to how to write and use Makefiles.
* The Gnu Info Tree
Information and documentation on the whole range of GNU programs and libraries.
* GNATS - The GNU Problem Report Management System
Online documentation on installing and using the GNATS bug reporting system.
* GNU Mono project
Mono is a GNU project which will focus on the basic components of .Net such as a C# compiler, a Common Language Runtime JIT (just-in-time) compiler, and all the class libraries that will be a part of .Net. The result will be that developers can create and run .Net applications on any platform which will support Mono (Windows, Unix variants).
* The DotGNU Project
The DotGNU Project is really a meta-project that will consist of between ten and twenty subprojects. The main components of DotGNU are the DotGNU Platform and the DotGNU Virtual Identities system.
DotGNU will be a complete replacement for the .NET strategy - it will not be a Free Software implementation of .NET. While .NET has some very sound ideas, problems arise with its implementation, especially with the Authentication/Authorization systems which are centralized to Microsoft, and with Microsoft's vision for "web services". DotGNU will use a decentralized paradigm, no single company, server or entity will control authorization. Secondly DotGNU will emphasize security, it will use encryption wherever possible to keep user data secure and hidden.

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