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Servers : Linux

The freely available dialect of the UNIX operating system (based on BSD). Widely used as an Internet platform.

See Also:
^Server Operating Systems

* The official Linux Home Page
* Linux Applications and Utilities Page
A huge collection of commercial, shareware and freeware applications, utilities and servers for Linux with their pointers to their home pages.
* The Linux Software Map (LSM)
The Linux Software Map (LSM) is a database of `entries' describing software that is available for Linux.
* FreshMeat
Daily Linux and general Unix news and software announcements.
* Linux Weekly News
The latest news from the Linux World.
* Headline: New Linux Kernel Approaches Release
(20-Oct-98) Linux developers are finalizing the Linux 2.2 kernel, the first significant update since v2.0.35 two years ago. The new kernel adds hardware support for new technologies and peripherals that have shipped in the past two years, but most notably lacks USB and DVD support.

Linux Documentation

* Linux Documentation Project
* The Linux HOWTO Index
All the available HOWTO documents for Linux - if you aren't sure about how to set up something on your Linux system there is probably a document here to explain what to do.

'Real World' Linux

- Use of Linux as a 'production' server in an enterprise environment.

* Server-Linux FAQ
How to run "Heavyweight" systems using Linux.
* Linux lines up for the enterprise
An article from SunWorldOnline about how Linux is starting to gain acceptance within corporations.
* UnixWorld Online Tutorial: Linux Internet Server: Setting Up a Mail Hub
Learn how to use Linux to serve the mail transport needs of your organization..
* Headline: Alpha + Linux = Supercomputer For Less
Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico have built a supercomputer called Avalon, consists of 68 computers with Alpha CPUs, networked together with Fast EtherNet and running the Linux operating suystem.
It runs at 19.2 Gflops per second, ranking it as the 315th fastest supercomputer in the world, which is performance comparable to a 64-processor Origin 2000 from Silicon Graphics The Origin 200 has a list price of $1.8 million, but the Alpha + Linux Avalon cost only $150,000 ! I'll take 10 then!!! ;-)
* Linux High Availability HOWTO
A document describing the concepts of Linux-HA, the High Availability software solution for Linux - still very much a "work-in-progress", but we have already seen the first Linux Super Computer!
* Ingres II for Linux - Open Beta Program
Computer Associates has announced an open beta for its first Linux product, the Ingres II relational database. The Linux version has all the features of the standard version. The beta is free; the final product, due out in December 1998, will also be free.
* Eddie - Building High Availability Server Farms
Eddie is an Open Source initiative by Ericsson Telecom AB to provide a set of cluster applications for use when building highly robust and scalable server farms. Current components consist of: The initial release is for Linux, with Solaris and FreeBSD versions to follow in December 1998, and an NT version later.

Key Linux Technology

Linking Linux to Microsoft Windows for disk and print sharing using NFS and NetBEAU.
* Linux-PAM
Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) information
* Linux CORBA Reference & Evaluation
Implementations of CORBA for Linux.
* EntireX DCOM for Linux
A free download of Software AG's EntireX DCOM for Linux libraries.
Contains the Runtime component which is all of the binaries and tools you need to run DCOM applications, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) complete with examples and programming tools to help you build distributed component applications using DCOM.

Java on Linux

* Java-Linux Porting Project
The "semi-official" distribution of the Java JDK for the Linux platform.
* Linux Java mailing lists
A listing of Java mailing lists, several of which are specifically dedicated to running Java on Linux machines.
* Java-Linux FAQ
Some of the most frequently asked questions on the Java-Linux mailing list, compiled into a FAQ.
* Some Notes on Using JNI with Linux JDK
A collection of notes by David Dagon describing how to use JNI with JDK117_vla from Blackdown. The instructions are particular to Linux users, but might prove useful to other platforms (particularly other UNIX's).

Other Linux Documents

* UK Linux User Groups
Home page for the Linux Users Groups within the UK.
* The LinuxThreads library
LinuxThreads is an implementation of the Posix 1003.1c thread package for Linux.
Unlike other implementations of Posix threads, LinuxThreads provides kernel-level threads: threads are created with the new clone() system call and all scheduling is done in the kernel.
* LinuxThreads FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) about the LinuxThreads library. Includes the all important questions about "Problems, weird behaviors, potential bugs" and how to go about "Debugging LinuxThreads programs"!
Provides a good primer for writing a multithreaded program using any threads library on any platform, not just on Linux.
* Doom as a tool for system administration
If you're using Linux you can use a Doom front end to kill processes running on the system. Processes are represented as new soldiers that you can wound or kill.
According to the author, this type of interface has several benefits that include: "The machine load is immediately apparent to the player, who can see how crowded a room is", "A new sysadmin can be given less power by providing her with a smaller weapon", and "Sysadmins could cooperate or compete".
* Java, threads, and scheduling in Linux
Patching the kernel scheduler for better Java performance. This paper examines the performance of the Linux kernel when the system is running the Java program using the IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8.
* Linux on Laptops
This is an index of information and documentation of interest to those who now use or are considering using the Linux operating system on a notebook or laptop computer.

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